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Being the only Indian bank on the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's biggest corporations in 2022, ranked 105th. The bank holds 23% of the Indian market by assets and 25% of the loan and deposit market, making it the largest bank in the country.

While providing its customers with many services, it launched a new banking service known as SBI Quick missed call banking, where you can access banking services by simply making a missed call or sending an SMS with specific keywords.

SBI Quick Missed Call Banking

It offers various services, including a balance inquiry, mini statement, ATM card usage configuration, card blocking, and home/car loan inquiries.

A registered mobile number of a State Bank of India customer can now be used to access and check their account balance with the SBI Quick missed call facility. This can also be done using the SBI Quick App, available for Android and iOS smartphones.

However, you can also check your balance by sending a missed call or SMS with specific keywords.

What is SBI Quick?

Using SBI Quick missed call banking, you can get your account balance, mini statement, and any other information for free. The SBI offers this service.

It is possible to use this service whenever you wish to get your account balance, mini statement, and any other information. For missed call banking, you can call predefined SBI phone numbers from your registered mobile number.

Note: You must register your mobile number with your SBI account to use the SBI missed call service.

What are the Services offered by SBI Quick?

SBI Quick missed call banking number offers the following account services to account holders:

Source - SBI Quick Missed Call Banking

Service Type SMS Format/Syntax/Keywords Example
One time Registration  "REG" <Account Number> to 07208933148 REG 123456789
Balance Enquiry “BAL” to 919223766666 BAL
MOD Balance Enquiry “MODBAL” to 919223766666 MODBAL
Mini Statement “MSTMT” to 919223866666 MSTMT
Cheque Book Request “CHQREQ” to 917208933145

To proceed further, send a consent SMS (CHQACCY6 digit number in SMS) to 917208933145 within 2 hours after receiving the SMS.

E-statement - last 6 month "ESTMT" <space> <Account Number> <space> <code> to 917208933145

Note: The code you choose will be used to encrypt the PDF attached to your registered email address.

ESTMT 123456789 9876
Education Loan Interest Certificate "ELI" <space> <Account Number> <space> <code> to 917208933145

Note: The code you choose will be used to encrypt the PDF attached to your registered email address.

ELI 123456789 9876
Home Loan Interest Certificate HLI <space> <Account Number> <space> <code> to 917208933145

Note: The code you choose will be used to encrypt the PDF attached to your registered email address.

HLI 123456789 9876
Full List of Service “HELP” to 917208933145 HELP
Block SBI ATM Card “BLOCK <space> <last four digits of the card number>” to 567676 BLOCK 6543
Control ATM Card Usage “SWON / SWOFFATM / POS / ECOM / INTL / DOM" <space> <last four digits of the card> to 09223966666 ECOM 6543
Green PIN Facility “PIN" <space> <last four digits of the debit card> <space> <last four digits of account number linked to the debit card> to 567676 PIN 6543 6789
Latest Loan Products "HOME/CAR/Personal/Gold/SME" to 917208933145 HOME
Instant SMS advising the features of the Loan service Home Loan - 917208933140
Car Loan - 917208933141
Gold Loan - 917208933143
Personal Loan - 917208933142
SME - 917208933144
PM Social Security Schemes (PMSBY & PMJJBY)

"PMSBY/PMJJBY" <space> A/c no. <space> Relationship with nominee <space> nominee DOB (ddmmyyyy) <space> Nominee first name <space> Nominee last name to 917208933145

PMJSBY 123456789 Father 19051984 Deepak Mehta

De-registration "DREG" to 917208933148 DREG

Note: <space> doesn't mean to be sent in SMS. For instance, in the case of E-statement, as mentioned, we need to SMS "ESTMT" <space> <Account Number> <space> <code> to 917208933145.

We would SMS as - ESTMT 0123456789 9876 to 917208933145

What are the Benefits of the SBI Quick App?

SBI Quick App has numerous benefits and features. Some of them are as follows:

  • With the SBI Quick App, you can access various services.
  • SBI Quick App does not have a limit on how many inquiries can be made in a day or month.
  • In the SBI Quick app, you do not need to memorise destination numbers and keywords.
  • After downloading the SBI Quick App, you don't need an internet connection to receive SMS/missed calls.

What is the Cost of SBI Quick Charges?

The applicable SBI Quick missed call banking charges are as follows:

  • A premium charge applies to numbers with six digits, such as 567676.
  • In cases of 10-digit numbers, the subscriber's mobile plan applies to SMS rates.
  • A missed call is charge-free. However, if the account holder listens to the 3-second IVR played after 3-4 rings, they will be charged as per the mobile plan for 3 seconds.

How Can One Call the SBI Balance Check Toll-Free Number?

The following numbers can be used to check the balance of your SBI account:

  • Missed call customer service number for SBI Balance Enquiry: 09223766666
  • Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Number of State Bank of India: 09223766666

Note: You will also need to download the SBI Quick Application on your Android or iOS device, which is available in the Google Play or Apple App Store. You must log in as soon as you have downloaded it.

How Can One Check Their Account Balance Through SBI's Toll-Free Number?

Follow the below-mentioned ways to check your account balance through SBI's Toll-Free Number:

  1. To check the balance of your SBI account, you can call the toll-free number listed above.
  2. Alternatively, you can send an SMS that says "BAL" to the same number.
  3. You can also get a mini statement of your SBI account by calling 09223866666 or sending an SMS with the subject "MSTMT."

What are the Other Methods for Enquiring about SBI Balance?

Checking SBI balance is not only possible through the Toll-Free Number but also through several other methods.

  1. SMS Banking
  2. SBI Card Balance Enquiry
  3. Passbook
  4. ATM
  5. Net Banking
  6. Using State Bank of India's mobile applications like SBI, Anywhere Saral, Missed Call Banking, SBI YONO, SBI Quick, and SBI Online, customers can transact via mobile.
  7. USSD
  8. Missed Call Banking

1. SMS banking procedure to check the SBI account balance

To register for the SMS service, SBI Customers can use their mobile applications to add the service to their mobile applications and then use it to check their account balances. The format of the SMS is as follows:

SMS banking procedure to check SBI account balance

"REG <space> Account Number"



Upon registration, the customer will receive a confirmation message and be able to check their account balance, get a mini statement, request a chequebook, and obtain e-statements, loan interest certificates, and home loan interest certificates.

2. SBI Card Balance Enquiry procedure to check the SBI account balance

With the SMS service, users of SBI credit cards can check their balance and other information through the SMS service. Just send an SMS to the number 5676791, and you will receive various details.

An SMS must provide the following services and have the following format:

  • Duplicate Statement - DSTMT XXXX MM
  • Reward Points Summary - REWARD XXXX
  • Balance Enquiry - BAL XXXX
  • Status of the Last Payment - PAYMENT XXXX
  • Blocking a Lost or Stolen Card - BLOCK XXXX
  • Credit and Cash Limit - AVAIL XXXX
  • E-Statement - ESTMT XXXX

3. Passbook procedure to check the SBI account balance

A passbook is given to consumers when they open a bank account with the State Bank of India. Passbooks should be kept up-to-date at all times so that all transactions can be accurately recorded.

When customers open their updated passbooks, they can check their current balance and see a record of their debit and credit activities. Customers must visit the branch to update their passbooks. As customers remain hesitant to use the bank's net banking and mobile banking services, this method of checking balances is still available.

4. ATM procedure to check the SBI account balance

You can check your account balance at an ATM with your State Bank of India debit or ATM card. To do this, go to the SBI ATM and follow the steps:

Step 1 - Insert or swipe your SBI ATM/Debit Card.

Step 2 - Enter your four ATM PINs.

Step 3 - Click on the option "balance inquiry.".

Step 4 - The balance will be displayed.

5. Net banking procedure to check the SBI account balance

By entering their SBI net banking login ID and password, SBI account holders can access their accounts. Customers of SBI have access to a range of banking services, such as balance inquiries, mortgages, cash transfers, personal loans, and more.

6. Mobile banking procedure to check the SBI account balance

SBI Online - Customers of State Bank of India can access online banking services, including funds transfers, balance checks, account statements, NEFT, IMPS, and more, using their smartphones.

SBI YONO - SBI YONO offers various banking services, including balance inquiries, account statement checks, and money transfers.

SBI Anywhere Saral - SBI Retail customers cannot use this app.

7. USSD procedure to check the SBI account balance

SBI customers with current or savings accounts can use Supplementary Service, Unstructured Data, abbreviated as USSD, to send data between a phone and a network application.

USSD will not be able to be used by customers who are already using Mobile Banking via App or WAP. If the user wishes to enrol in the USSD service, he or she must deregister from the application or WAP-based service first.


  • Anyone can check the balance of their account with this tool.
  • A mini statement with the last five transactions is always available
  • Transferring funds between accounts is possible.
  • It's even possible to charge someone else's phone number or your own.

Below are the steps to check your balance:

Step 1 - Enter the User ID by dialling the #595# keypad command.

Step 2 - On the 'Answer' menu, select Option 1 from a list of options.

Step 3 - Choose between a balance inquiry or a mini statement.

Step 4 - Enter the MPIN and send.

Step 5 - The balance will be displayed.

8. Missed Call procedure to check the SBI account balance

An individual can use SBI balance check number miss call services to perform various commands and check the status of various things related to their bank account. An account holder can also send an SMS to the bank to receive accurate information and use SBI balance check numbers to make missed calls.

The SBI balance inquiry number miss call or SMS can be used to check one's balance, pay a balance, receive e-statements (for the last six months), apply for a loan, set up an ATM, configure an ATM PIN, get a personal loan, or enrol in social security.

However, many banks throughout the country provide these services through the Reserve Bank of India. Moreover, according to bank policies, SMS sending or receiving on registered mobile numbers is subject to some charges.

However, in some banks, toll-free calls are free. Individuals with multiple accounts with the same bank can benefit most from missed call services and SMS services, as each message contains all the information about their accounts.

Missed Call Banking Registration -

Customers must have their registered mobile phone numbers to use the SBI quick missed call banking.

The SMS must be sent in the following format as a one-time process:-

"REG" <Space> Account Number and send it to 09223488888

Upon activation, you will receive a verification message from SBI bank mentioning the service name.

Why is it Critical to Check Your Account Balance?

Checking one's balance may be motivated by several reasons, including:

  • Ensure sufficient money is in the account to make withdrawals, deposits, and other purchases.
  • Check that the sender's payment has been successfully deposited into your account.
  • It helps to make sure the refunded transaction has been processed.
  • Ascertain that the bank deposited the interest promptly.
  • As a precaution to prevent unauthorised charges.
  • You can also save money by checking your monthly statement for extraneous charges.
  • Keeping track of account balances and transactions can also assist with long-term budgeting.

Drawbacks of the SBI Quick App

Even though SBI Quick App has many advantages, it does have some disadvantages as well:

  • SB/CA/OD/CC accounts are the only ones eligible for SBI Quick
  • The mobile number you register with SBI Quick can be linked to only one account. If you have two SBI accounts linked with the same phone number and want to change the registered account, you first must deregister SBI Quick from the first account and then register it with the second account.

The Process of De-registering SBI Missed Call Service

The following procedures need to be followed to deregister for SBI Quick Missed Call Banking:

Step 1 - First, you need to SMS <DREG> to 09223488888

Step 2 - When you successfully de-register, a confirmation message will appear, indicating whether it was successful or unsuccessful

Step 3 - The SBI Missed Call service will no longer be available after you successfully de-register

If de-registration fails, you should follow these steps:

Step 1 - Recheck the SMS format to deregister from SBI Missed Call Banking

Step 2 - Verify the destination's phone number

Step 3 - Make sure your mobile number is registered with SBI Missed Call Service

Wrapping Up

To ensure that there are no unauthorised transactions in your account, you should frequently check it. You can create a long-term budget by keeping track of account balances and transactions. You can also identify unnecessary expenses and eliminate them to save more money.

There are several ways that SBI customers can check their account balances. You can also call the SBI balance inquiry toll-free number.

In SBI Quick Missed Call Banking, account information can be accessed by giving a missed call to the corresponding phone number. This service allows account holders to access all the account and other banking services information they need. Users can also use this service by downloading the SBI Quick app.


What is the process for getting SBI mini statements by SMS?

Account holders can receive the SBI Mini Statement by SMS by sending the message 'MSTMT' to 09223866666. The SBI Mini Statement will contain details of the last five transactions.

Is there a balance inquiry number for SBI?

To check the balance of your SBI account, you simply need to call a toll-free number, 09223766666. All SBI account holders can also get immediate balance checks by calling 1800112211 or 18004253800.

How can I check my SBI Account Balance via SMS?

To check your SBI mini statement, send an SMS "MSTMT" to 09223866666. To inquire about your SBI balance, send an SMS "BAL" to 09223766666 from your registered mobile number.

Is there a difference between SBI Quick, State Bank Anywhere, and State Bank Freedom?

Unlike State Bank Anywhere and State Bank Freedom, SBI Quick cannot be used to transfer money. In other words, it cannot be used for financial transactions. Another significant difference is that SBI Quick does not require login IDs and passwords to utilise the service. Users just have to supply their registered mobile numbers. The numbers must also be active.

How much does SBI Quick's Missed Call service cost?

There is no charge for the missed call service offered by SBI Bank. However, if the customer listens to the IVR for longer than three seconds, then they will be charged according to their plan.


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