How To Activate PNB Mobile Banking

A Simple Guide to Activating PNB Mobile Banking

The use of mobile for banking has become very mainstream for many individuals. This revolutionary system didn’t just help people save time but also a whole lot of extra effort and money. It’s safe to say that this one change has eased up the lives of bank users across the globe.

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues for hours to get a single job done – now you can have everything under control with just a few clicks on your handset.

Even though mobile banking existed for quite some time, it rose to fame when the deadly COVID-19 pandemic caused a lockdown and made it impossible for people to step out of their homes. Everything went digital at that time, and people who were not a fan of digitalization realized how efficient it is. Before mobile banking was introduced, SMS facilities were given to users.

Now, most well-known banks and financial institutions, including Punjab National Bank (PNB), offer mobile banking and SMS facilities for customers.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the mobile banking facilities offered by PNB, which will include how to activate PNB mobile banking, how to register, all the features offered by the same, and much more.

Punjab National Bank – An Introduction

Founded on the 19th of May 1894 by Dyal Singh Majithia and Lala Lajpat Rai, Punjab National Bank (PNB) is India’s very first Swadeshi Bank. PNB’s operation began on 12th April 1895 from Lahore, Pakistan. It is the first-ever bank of India which was entirely managed by Indians with the use of Indian capital.

The journey of PNB began with a working capital of only Rs. 20,000 and an authorized capital of Rs. 200,000. Today, it is one of the most trusted and the second largest government-owned banks in India, which provides its customers with world-class facilities.

Nine other banks have been merged with Punjab Nation Bank, including Bharat Bank, Universal Bank of India, Hindustan Commercial Bank, and so on. Presently, PNB serves over 180 million customers through its over 12,200 branches across India.

That’s not all – starting in September 2022, PNB has launched WhatsApp banking facilities for their customers and non-customers. Services are available to customers 24/7, which will include the holidays as well. Android and iOS users can avail of this facility. PNB is now headed by Atul Kumar Goel, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer.

Top Features of Punjab National Bank

One of the many reasons that make Punjab National bank the second largest bank in India with millions of customers is the features they have for their customers.

This government-owned bank offers its customers world-class facilities – read more about each section below.

Deposit Account

  • Savings Account

With Punjab National Bank, customers can apply for various kinds of savings accounts, including family protection accounts, salary accounts, premium accounts, and of course, regular accounts. In fact, PNB provides specially-tailored accounts for minors, senior citizens, women, defense personnel, and premium customers.

Applicants can open their savings account both offline and online without hassle. Go through the list given below to know more about the primary features of each kind of savings account.

  • Online Savings Account

Type of Savings Account Primary Features
Premium Savings Account
  • Initial Deposit – Rs. 500 (Semi-urban and rural areas) and Rs. 1000 (Metro areas).
  • Users can get Platinum Debit Card on a minimum Quarterly Average Balance of Rs. 50,000.
General Savings Deposit Account
  • Initial Deposit – Rs. 500
  • Free Net Banking and Mobile Banking Facilities
Family Protection Account
  • Free Net Banking and Mobile Banking Facilities
  • Platinum Debit Card
Junior SF Account
  • Initial Deposit Not Required
Vidyarthi SF Account
  • Initial Deposit Not Required
  • Overdraft Facility
Shikshak Scheme
  • Initial Deposit Not Required
  • Auto Sweep Facility
SF Prudent Sweep Deposit Scheme
  • Initial Deposit – Rs. 500
  • Auto Sweep Facility
Rakshak Scheme
  • Initial Deposit Not Required
  • Offline Savings Account

Pension Savings Account
  • Initial Deposit Not Required
  • Free SMS alerts
Power Savings Account
  • Free Rupay Platinum Debit Card
  • Withdrawal Limit from ATM – Rs. 50,000
Basic Savings Bank Account
  • The free facility of ATM-cum-Debit Card
  • Initial Deposit Not Required
SF Prudent Sweep
  • QAB for Semi-Urban and Rural areas is Rs. 5000. Rs. 10,000 for Urban and Metro areas.
  • Auto Sweep Facility
New Salary Savings Product
  • Initial Deposit Not Required
  • Rupay Debit card Facility

Not to mention, the registration process for opening a savings account with PNB is very simple and straightforward. Now you can open one at home online by following a few easy steps.

Step-1: Head to the official website of Punjab National Bank and go to the ‘Savings Account’ option listed under the ‘Online Services' option. Once you reach the next page, an application form will be shown to you.

Step 2: Once you see the application form, all you have to do is fill it in with your KYC details. Once you’re done, submit the form to receive a TCRN number on your email and registered mobile number.

Step-3: Once the submission is done, you will have to visit PNB’s nearest branch with originals and copies of your ID proof, address, passport photo, and, lastly, the TCRN number for verification.

Current Account

Two kinds of current accounts are offered by PNB, and they make sure to provide helpful features for companies, firms, HUFs, and individual customers.


Punjab National Bank is the ultimate pick for those who want loans with minimal rates of interest and a whole lot of options. Listed below are the kinds of loans you can get from PNB with low-interest rates and other benefits.

Home Loan

An applicant generally has to take care of a lot of things before considering getting a home loan. Usually, the long hours of the documentation process and high credit score requirements make a large number of individuals step back and look for other options.

With PNB, the procedure of getting a home loan becomes so much easier because even though the bank still favours applicants with over 750 credit scores, this is not mandatory if the other aspects are well-maintained. PNB has not mentioned a cut-off for credit scores in their terms and conditions for home loan applicants.

They also allow co-applicants to ensure that the applicant’s chances of getting loans are higher.

Personal Loan

By offering three kinds of personal loans to applicants, PNB makes sure that no customer is ever dissatisfied during a financial crisis. Moreover, you can also prepay your loan without having to pay prepayment charges.

The entire process can be easily carried out online through the official website of PNB, and once the verification is done, you will get the loan amount shortly. PNB offers not only hassle-free online facilities for loan applicants but also makes sure that their customers get the best offer, and for that, they provide unbiased advice with full guidance.

Vehicle Loan

You can get a loan from PNB for both two and four-wheelers at attractive interest rates. Under vehicle loans, there are two categories, namely, two-wheeler loans and car loans. You can apply for both loans online and even pick a repayment tenure that suits you.

PNB thoroughly examines your details, income statement, type of car you’ve chosen, etc., to fix the perfect loan amount for you.

Education Loan

Individuals can pay for their course fees, hostel charges, tuition fees, examination fees, and book purchase costs with an education loan. With PNB, applying for an education loan becomes a smooth process as you can simply view all the details you need to know on PNB’s official website without having to consult with an agent.

Apart from the aforesaid facilities, there are tons of other ones PNB has for you. On their official website, you can check out all the details regarding loans, the opening of savings bank accounts, investments, and more.

Most importantly, while opting for loans, you are also given a free loan calculator to understand the perfect loan amount and tenure for you and take action accordingly. You can also update your profile whenever you want using PNB Net banking.

All The PNB Mobile Banking Apps You Need to Know About

PNB is one of the leading banks in India with millions of customers, and to keep them satisfied with prompt customer service and top features that not many other banks have to offer, PNB has quite a few options for mobile banking. All of them are pretty much the same, but there’s something unique about each of them.

Customers can pick depending on their needs from the PNB’s mobile app. Listed below are the apps Punjab National Bank has to offer for convenient and quick banking, along with their primary features:

PNB Banking App Primary Features
  • Open a current account, and savings account, and start fixed deposit online.
  • Transfer money with NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.
PNB passbook
  • View and download a mini statement or detailed statement from the bank.
  • Easy login with M-pin
PNB Genie
  • Check bank statement.
  • Make service requests and track their statuses.
  • Make and receive instant payments using UPI
PNB MobiEase
  • Enjoy digital channels without internet access.
  • Avail of missed call banking, SMS banking, and USSD banking.
PNB Wecare
  • Provide suggestions, and feedback, raise requests, and file complaints along with tracking facilities.
  • Check mechanisms for grievance redressal and customer support policies.
PNB Bharat QR Merchant app
  • Receive payments from merchants.
  • Receive payments without having to install PoS machines.

Password Reset Procedure For Mobile Banking Online

It’s always recommended to keep changing passwords to keep your account highly secure from unfortunate events. Plus, there are times when you happen to forget important passwords. That’s not an issue because, on PNB ONE, you can reset your password within minutes. To reset your PNB ONE password, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Click on ‘Trouble Sign-in’ option on PNB ONE’s home page.

Step 2: Click on ‘Forgot password' option.

Step 3: Provide your user ID.

Step-4: Later, you will be required to provide more details like your account number, Debit card linked to your PNB ONE account, and its PIN.

Step-5: Submit the aforesaid details and proceed further to get a new password.

PNB MBanking App Activation Process on Mobile

Now that you know about all the greatness PNB has to offer, you must be questioning yourself, “How can I activate mobile banking?”. The activation process for PNB MBanking App is very simple, and there are multiple ways to do it. Read further to know more about PNB mobile banking app:

  • To avail of financial and non-financial facilities, send a 5607040 or 9264092640 an SMS. You can get the same services on PNB’s MobiEase app for android devices.
  • PNB’s official site can be assessed on a mobile browser as PNB has a dedicated page for mobile banking for their customers.
  • To download the ‘PNB m-banking” app on your handset, visit the official website or simply search for it in the app store of your device’s operating system.
  • You can also check your bank balance, change your M-pin, transfer fund with IFSC code or MMID, get a mini statement, and more by dialing *99*42# or *99#.

PNB ONE Registration Process

PNB ONE is a widely used app as it has a lot to offer to customers. For Punjab National Bank mobile banking online registration, all you need to do is follow the given step-by-step process.

Step 1: Head to Google Play Store (For Android users) or Apple App Store (For iOS users) and install the PNB ONE app.

Step 2: Once the installation is done, open the app and tap on ‘New User’.

Step 3: You will be asked to enter your PNB account number and opt for your preferred option (Internet banking and mobile banking). You can select one or even both options at the same time.

Step 4: After submitting the details, you will receive an OTP on your bank-registered contact number. Enter that OTP to proceed further with the registration.

Step 5: Enter your PNB Debit Card PIN and number and set mobile banking and transaction passwords.

Step 6: Your registration process is now successful – log in with your transaction password to use PNB ONE app.

Step 7: After logging in, you will have to set an M-PIN for PNB Mobile Banking.

Advantages of Mobile Banking with PNB

As previously discussed, mobile banking facilities have been of great help to individuals worldwide because they helped them save time and money. Apart from that, there are numerous other things that make mobile banking with PNB an outstanding experience for customers.

  • You won’t need external help to perform transactions with PNB mobile banking.
  • You can get your account statement anywhere, anytime you want.
  • PNB assures high security and safe transactions.
  • No banking charges are levied on the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I see my PNB account number?

Every account holder of PNB is provided with an account number. You can see the number on the PNB passbook. If you have opted for internet banking facilities, you will find your PNB account number once you log on to PNB’s official app as well.

Is an ATM card mandatory for mobile banking?

Mobile banking is totally possible without an ATM card, but for the registration procedure, you need to provide the ATM card details. If you don’t have an ATM card with you, visit your PNB branch to get the details and complete the registration procedure.

What to do if my PNB mobile banking account is locked?

A mobile banking account generally gets locked when an incorrect PIN is entered as M-PIN more than five times. If you want to unlock your PNB ONE account, you will have to reset your password. For this procedure, click on ‘Trouble sign-in’ and then select the 'Reset M-PIN’ option. You will receive an OTP soon. After entering the OTP, you will be able to set a new M-PIN for your PNB account.

How to resume using PNB ONE long after not using it?

If a customer stops using PNB ONE account for over six months, their user ID expires. In that case, they need to reset their password to start using PNB ONE like before.

What to do if the OTP is not received during PNB mobile banking registration?

If you don’t receive an SMS on your bank-registered mobile number with OTP, SMS ‘SOTP’ to 5607040 and lodge a complaint at the PNB customer care number 1800 180 2222. Lastly, send a mail describing the issue to

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