How To Close Bank Of Baroda Savings Account

Closing of Bank of Baroda Savings Account

Bank of Baroda provides outstanding features, making it an attractive recommendation for customers—from offering high-interest rates to simple online banking services. From 24/7 customer services to issuing free debit cards and many other banking facilities that satisfy the customers. Despite that, there can be multiple reasons that someone might want to close their Bank of Baroda savings account. Numerous savings accounts, relocation, poor customer service, misunderstandings, etc., might be a few of these reasons.

In most cases, maintaining and tracking multiple savings accounts becomes a burden. An individual only needs 2-3 bank savings accounts for easy maintenance. Closing a savings bank account is simple if customers do not have any auto-debit mandates linked to their accounts. For this, the account holders must follow a few steps to close their accounts.

We will walk you through the steps to close a Bank of Baroda savings account, including crucial things customers have to know before and after closing the account. 

Application Format For Closing a Bank Of Baroda Account

Each bank recognises the important applications the account holder has to furnish to the bank in writing, including the Bank of Baroda. One of these requests is an account closure request letter, which the bank will acknowledge as a standard request. That in and of itself is evidence of your requests. Mentioned below is a template for the same:


The Bank Manager,

<Branch Name>, Bank of Baroda

<Branch Address>

Subject: Request to close the Bank of Baroda savings account

 Dear Sir/Madam,

I hold an account with the account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the <Bank branch> Bank of Baroda branch. I am unable to manage my account present in Mumbai as I have been transferred to Bangalore (Duly write the precise reason for closing the account). As a result, I would like to submit this account closure application and clear all the transactions of this account. With regard to the same, I will be returning my chequebook, passbook, and Bank of Baroda saving account closing form.

I request you close my Bank of Baroda savings account and transfer the funds to the following account:

(Account holder name)

(Account number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) (IFSC Code: xxxxxxxxxxx).

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,



How To Close Bank of Baroda Savings Account?

Anyone who wishes to close their Bank of Baroda savings account can follow the steps below, regardless of whether they are relocating to a different location or are no longer using it.

  • Step 1: To close the Bank of Baroda savings account, the customer must submit a written request letter (as mentioned above).
  • Step 2: The next step is to fill out the Bank of Baroda saving account closing form. Customers can get the account closing form from their home bank branch or download it from the official website.
  • Step 3: The customers have to complete the application by providing their details, such as—the account holder name(s) in case of joint account holders, account number, cell phone number, and the method by which they would like to receive the funds in their account, such as cash, cheque, or by transferring to another account.
  • Step 4: Account holders are required to sign the Bank of Baroda saving account closing form and submit it to their local bank location, either to their branch manager or the officer in charge.
  • Step 5: Account holders must also provide their debit card, chequebook, and passbook when turning in the Bank of Baroda saving account closing form. Besides these submissions, account holders must submit to the bank any unused cheques left.
  • Step 6: Attach the KYC documents. Customers need to provide documentation such as a PAN card to serve as proof of their identity and proof of address.
  • Step 7: The banker will start processing the account holder's request to cancel their Bank of Baroda savings account after they submit the documents mentioned above.
  • Step 8: Once the verification is completed, the banker may ask to withdraw the balance amount, if any, from the account.

Bank of Baroda will return the money or transfer the balance amount to the account holder in the manner the customer has described on the Bank of Baroda saving account closing form, i.e. either cash withdrawal, cheque, or DD. The bank sends an SMS or email to the registered mobile number or registered email after the account is closed.

Important Things To Remember Before Closing The Bank of Baroda Savings Account

There are a few vital points to keep in mind when closing the savings account of the Bank of Baroda. These include the following:

1. Cancel All Automated Payments And Standing Instructions 

Ensure to cancel the automated payments if your bill payments are automatic. Customers can use the standing instructions service to automatically debit their bank accounts to pay loan EMIs, bills, rent, monthly subscription fees, etc. The account holders can change their billing information or cancel such automated payments before closing the account.

2. Get The Statements of The Savings Account

Before closing the account, ensure to have all the savings account statements. These statements are useful when needed for future reference. You can take a print or save them as a soft copy. Additionally, bank account statements are handy when filing an income tax return. Taxpayers are advised to check their bank balance before closing the savings account to avoid providing inaccurate information while filing ITR returns.

3. Check The Bank Balance

Banks do not allow closing savings accounts with negative bank balances unless the required payments are made. A bank account can go into a negative bank balance when a customer's bank account does not meet the bank's minimum balance.

4. Check Bank Account Closure Charges

Numerous banks, including Bank of Baroda, charge a fee (INR 100 for Metro/urban areas & INR 80 for rural/semi-urban areas) for closing bank accounts unless consumers do so within fourteen days after the initial credit and before completing a year of service. To avoid any closure charges, refrain from closing the account in the mentioned period. 

Forgetting to de-linking the bank account will bring customers notices from the IT departments if any tax return is due. To file income tax returns and to get refunds to their current bank accounts, taxpayers must update their bank account information on the portal and delete the outdated bank account information.

Factors to Consider While Closing the Bank of Baroda Savings Account

  • Customers have to ensure they have no outstanding checks or deposits. 
  • The account holder needs to visit a branch to close their accounts. They cannot close their savings accounts online. 
  • The account holder must be prepared to pay any fees associated with closing their accounts. Once these essential things are taken care of, the bank will close the account.

Things To Consider After Closing Bank of Baroda Savings Account

Account holders must obtain documentation from the Bank of Baroda branch to terminate their savings account. Request paper or digital proof from the bank branch to have the bank account closure proof for future reference (SMS or Email).


Bank of Baroda does not offer online alternatives to close the account. Thus, customers must close their savings accounts by visiting their home bank branch. Banks will not impose any penal charges for non-maintenance of minimum balances in any inoperative account, but banks may limit services available on such inactive accounts. Also, account holders should only close their bank account when they no longer need it. Since once a bank account is closed, it cannot be undone. The process is simple and hassle-free.


Can we close the Bank of Baroda savings account online?

The only way to close the Bank of Baroda savings account is by visiting the home bank branch. Account holders can download the Bank of Baroda savings account closing form online, print it out, and fill it out. Following this, the account holders must visit a home branch to perform other activities to close their savings account.

How to transfer my Bank of Baroda account to another branch online?

To transfer the Bank of Baroda account to another branch online, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Bank of Baroda account.
  2. Select the services option from the menu.
  3. Choose 'Account Transfer' from the utility section.
  4. Enter the account holder's account number on the following screen and press continue.
  5. Choose the new branch location, the city, and the state.

Can I reopen my closed Bank of Baroda account?

No, the customers cannot reopen the closed bank account. The account holders should close their Bank of Baroda account only when they do not need it in the future because once their savings account is closed, they cannot reopen it. And remember to close the bank accounts only after clearing all the pending dues or charges.

Does the Bank of Baroda charge any fees for closing the savings account?

The Bank of Baroda does not charge account holders any fee if they close their bank account within fourteen days of the first credit and before completing a year of service. 

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