ICICI Bank Salary Account: Meaning, Types, Benefits & How To Open

Exclusively available to employers and employees, salary accounts are feature-rich. Salary accounts that are simple to register, access, and utilize are offered by some institutions, including ICICI Bank. This article discusses the ICICI bank salary account, including its definition, key characteristics, and advantages.

ICICI Bank Salary Account

A savings account specifically created for those employed is the ICICI Bank Salary Account. Significant benefits and features include:

  • No minimum balance requirements.
  • A free-of-cost debit card.
  • Higher interest rates on deposits.

Salary accounts also have an interest component, so the account holder gains interest on the money kept in the account. Typically, interest is calculated daily and transferred into the account every three months.

ICICI Bank Interest Rate

For balances under Rs. 50 lakh and for amounts over Rs. 50 lakh, the interest rate is set at 3% and 3.50 %, respectively. As of March 30, 2016, interest will be paid quarterly in March, June, September, and December.

Types Of ICICI Bank Salary Account

Regular Salary Account

Debit card fees are minimal; the minimum average monthly (MAB) amount is Rs. 10,000.

Silver Salary Account

Your employer may pay you for your labor using the Silver Salary Account, an entirely customizable savings account.

Gold Salary Account

There are no fees for failing to maintain the required minimum monthly average balance. Additionally, employees are provided with free-of-charge debit cards.

Titanium Salary Account

Defense Salary Account

With no requirement for an average monthly balance, the ICICI Bank Defence Salary Account is intended just for Defense Personnel.

ICICI Bank Salary Account Benefits

Although the features and advantages of salary accounts may vary between banks, some ICICI Bank salary account benefits include the following:

  • Account for salaries and reimbursements with no balance
  • Instant Welcome Kit with a debit card and chequebook
  • No limits on ATM usage on the ICICI Bank Network
  • Free payable-at-par checkbook with your custom information
  • Up to Rs. 1 lakh per day in demand draft/pay order fees are waived.
  • Discounts on storage fees that are appealing
  • Online NEFT for free interbank transfers of funds
  • SMS Alerts for Free
  • With at least one pay credit in the three months preceding the claim, salary accounts are eligible for a personal insurance policy of Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • 30 lakh rupees worth of air accident insurance

 ICICI Bank also offers the ability to open salary accounts online. Employers can quickly open salary accounts for each of their employees electronically without going to the bank by following a simple online process and needing little supporting documentation.

Documents Required To Open ICICI Bank Salary Account

The following documents must be submitted in duplicate by the applicant/organization, either in person at the branch or to the ICICI bank agent for the ICICI bank salary account opening.

Proof of Identity

PAN Card

Letter of Appointment from the organization, with the signature and stamp of the designated signatory.

Proof Of Address

The income Tax Department, UTITSL, and NSDL issued PAN cards.

Valid passport featuring a photo and a signature

Voting ID card

Aadhaar card

Regional Transport Authority-issued driver's license

NREGA job card adequately signed by a state government official

How To Open A Salary Account In ICICI Bank

A salary account with several benefits for both employers and employees is the ICICI Bank Salary Account. You can contact the bank in any of the following ways if your company has a salary account with ICICI Bank: 

  • Dial the 24-hour customer service number.
  • Visit any of the branches at any time.
  • Use the "Email Us" option to send the bank a message.
  • The bank also provides for doorstep account opening. A customer service person will visit your business location whenever it's convenient for you and complete all the required paperwork. You would have to provide documentation of your identity and address.

However, if your firm does not have an existing relationship with the bank, the HR/Admin management of your organization must get in touch with the Salary Accounts team through one of the following routes

  • 24-hour customer service center for ICICI bank
  • Visiting any ICICI bank branch 
  • Using the "Email Us" option on the website.

  A customer service person will visit your business location whenever it's convenient for you and complete all the required paperwork. You would have to provide proof of your identity and residence. If your company does not have a partnership with ICICI Bank Salary Account:

Bottom Line

Today ICICI Bank Salary Account can be a wise choice for salaried people searching for a bank account that provides various benefits and features. With features like easy ICICI bank salary account opening, zero balance requirements, unlimited ATM transactions, free debit cards, and a higher interest rate on deposits, it is created to meet the needs and expectations of those who earn a living from their jobs. Additionally, holders of salary accounts may qualify for exclusive deals and discounts on a range of goods and services provided by the bank. ICICI Bank Salary Account can be an excellent option for anybody searching for a practical and effective income management approach.

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