PF Withdrawal Form & How to Withdraw - Online, Login, Rules, & Process

The term PF withdrawal form, which stands for Provident Fund Withdrawal Form, refers to a form that enables interested people to access funds that have accumulated in accounts linked to EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) schemes and programs.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is recognized as a non-constitutional organization that encourages workers to save money for retirement. The organization, established in 1951, is overseen by India's concerned ministries and legal authorities.

The organization’s programs cover domestic and foreign workers (from nations with which the EPFO has formed bilateral arrangements).

What is the Objective of the PF Withdrawal Form?

EPF, or the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, must be financed equally by the worker and the employer while the worker is employed. The employee’s contributions are taken out of their base wage plus the dearness allowance as a proportion.

The overall goal of EPFO and the schemes, in particular, is to promote the accumulation of significant wealth during an individual’s employment so that they may be used as a source of post-retirement financial support. 

Additionally, people may use their collected assets to pay off certain debts. Depending on the need, several pieces of paperwork must be filled out to withdraw these funds. Different PF claim form types correspond to various fund withdrawal purposes.

Partial VS Complete Withdrawal of EPF

Complete Withdrawal of EPF

EPF may be totally withdrawn in the following conditions:

  • When someone retires.
  • When an individual is unemployed for more than two months.
  • In this scenario, individuals cannot withdraw without an affirmation from an authorized office.

If a person has not been jobless for two months or longer (i.e., during the interval between changing employment), they are not permitted to withdraw their whole EPF balance when applying for work.

Partial Withdrawal of EPF

One cannot withdraw a part of their EPF balance unless there are special reasons. There are many PF Withdrawal Forms available for PF withdrawal. Members may use the forms to request the withdrawal of their PF funds.

What are the Rules Regarding a PF Withdrawal Form?

As explained above there are two ways to withdraw Provident Fund- complete withdrawal and partial withdrawal. According to the rules, account holders opting for complete withdrawal must fulfill one out of two crucial conditions. 

  • At Retirement: The account holder can withdraw this total amount of the PF at the age of 58 years. The benefit that comes with this option is that it is completely tax-free after retirement.
  • If Unemployed: According to the rules, if the account holder has been unemployed for more than 60 days, the entire amount is eligible for withdrawal. They can withdraw 75% of the funds in the first month of unemployment and the remaining 25% following the second month.

Account holders must pay tax if they opt for partial withdrawal before 5 years of the service. There are more specified conditions under which you can withdraw the PF amount.

Information Needed For a PF Withdrawal Form

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) plan has a variety of forms available. The EPF Form varies depending on its intended use. Some situations when several forms are required include funding a Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) policy, EPF amount advances, and EPF amount withdrawals.

The information that workers must submit varies depending on which of the below-mentioned EPF withdrawal forms they use. The information that each of these forms requires has been outlined below:

PF Withdrawal Form 19

For the PF account’s maximum settlement, the PF member must file Form 19. Form 19 is often used when a member quits the military, retires, or has their job ended for medical reasons. When you are filling out this form, please provide the following information:

  • Account number for PF
  • Number of a bank account
  • Code IFSC
  • Date of departure from the organization
  • Date of joining the organization
  • Form 15G/15H (for members underneath income tax limitation and senior citizens)
  • PAN

PF Withdrawal Form 10C

To collect their EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) benefits, employees must complete Form 10C. To get the scheme certificate for membership retention or withdrawal benefits or to collect the employer’s contribution return in EPS, Form 10C must be submitted. Here are the specifics needed to complete Form 10C:

  • Name and location of the previous employment
  • Account number for PF
  • The last day of employment with the present organization
  • Complete postal address
  • Account information

Keep in mind that just the first two pages of the form’s total four pages must be filled out with the information mentioned above. The third-page requests information on any advancements you may have made, and the last page is just administrative.

PF Withdrawal Form 10D

You need to complete this PF withdrawal form to request pension benefits. Remember that only one of these parties - an EPF member, an orphan, a widow or widower, or a designated nominee may claim the pension. Form 10D submission requires the following information:

  • Name and location of the previous employment
  • Account number for PF
  • The last day of employment with the present organization
  • Complete postal address
  • Account information
  • IFSC Code
  • PAN
  • Date of joining the organization
  • Form 15G/15H (for members underneath income tax limitation and senior citizens)

PF Withdrawal Form 20

PF withdrawal Form 20 is used to claim PF by the nominee in case of the unfortunate demise of the PF member. Hence, this EPF withdrawal form must be sufficed either by the selected nominee of the PF member or the family member through the last employer. The information mentioned below must be provided in this form:

  • Name and location of the previous employment
  • Account number for PF
  • The last day of employment with the present company
  • Complete postal address
  • Account information
  • Date of joining the organization
  • IFSC Code
  • Form 15G/15H (for members underneath income tax limitation and senior citizens)
  • PAN

Note: The nominee should also provide the above details about themselves in the form.

PF Withdrawal Form 51F

EPF Form 51F is required to be presented to assert the Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) advantages by the nominee or legal successor of the EPF member. The information mentioned below must be provided:

  • Name and location of the previous employment
  • Account number for PF
  • The last day of employment with the present company
  • Complete postal address
  • Account information
  • Code IFSC
  • Date of joining the organization
  • PAN
  • Form 15G/15H (for members underneath income tax limitation and senior citizens)

The legal successor/nominee of the EPF member is also required to provide information about themselves while submitting this EPF form.

PF Withdrawal Form 31

PF withdrawal Form 31 is to be submitted by the EPF member to claim the advances from their PF balance. Employees must submit the following details to claim their advances from their PF balance:

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Composite Claim Form
  • Bank account statement (in the name of the EPF holder while they are alive)
  • Two revenue stamps
  • One blank and canceled cheque (should have visible IFSC and account number)

Personal details including:

  • Father’s Name
  • Date of birth

ITR Forms 2 and 3, only if the employee withdraws his EPF amount before five years of continuous service (This is needed as confirmation of precise breakup of the amount deposited in the PF account every year)

PF Withdrawal Form 14

The PF member must submit this EPF form to finance a life insurance policy out of their PF account. The following details must be provided:

  • Amount to be insured
  • PF Account number
  • Account balance
  • LIC office address
  • Other details about the life insurance plan

PF Withdrawal Form 13

EPF Withdrawal Form 13 is meant to claim the EPF transfer from one employer to the other. Whenever an employee changes jobs, the PF account must be transferred from the old employer to the new one. For this, the employee must submit PF Withdrawal Form 13. The following details are required to do so:

  • Employee’s Name
  • Name and address of the previous employer
  • Father’s/Husband’s name of the employee
  • PF account number with the previous employer
  • Date of joining the organization
  • Date of leaving the organization
  • Details of who maintained the EPF account in the previous organization
  • The date on which Form 13 is being filled and submitted

PF Withdrawal Form Online Claim Process

The procedure to claim EPF online is described below for employee withdrawals:

  • First, utilize your login information to access the UAN member portal.
  • Then, select it from the top menu bar to access online services.
  • Select the 'Claim' choice through the drop-down menu (PF Withdrawal Form - 31, 19 & 10C)
  • The member details will be shown on the next screen.
  • Now, the last four digits of your bank account number are required to be entered before selecting 'Verify.'
  • Clicking 'Yes' to sign the Certificate of Undertaking and continue the process
  • You must now choose the 'PF Advance (EPF Form 31)' option to withdraw your funds online.
  • Select the “Purpose for which withdrawal advance is necessary” in a new part of the form that will open up on your screen.
  • You must then enter the withdrawal amount and address of the employee in the same part of the PF withdrawal form online.
  • Check the certification after completing the information to submit your PF online form.
  • You must be cautious that depending on the reason for your withdrawal; you might also be required to supply some scanned papers.
  • After completing all the necessary procedures, you must consult your recruitment organization to get their approval.

Account holders can check their application status by logging in to the UAN member portal. By navigating to the option’ Online Services’ they need to select the option ‘Track Claim Status’. There is no need to put a reference to check the application status. The screen will show the status. 

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for Form 10C

Applicants are eligible for Form 10C under the following conditions:

  • The account holder must have quit their job before the end of their ten-year term and complete the age of 58 before the end of this ten-year term.
  • Nominee of an account holder who has passed away before finishing the ten-year term of service and has completed the age of 58 at the time of death.

What is the right time to use Form 10C?

The account holder must complete form 10C and submit the document for receiving the Employee State Pension payments (EPS). A part of the PF balance will be split into EPS each month, and the account holder can redeem this part of their PF fund profits through Form 10C.

What are the Benefits of the PF Withdrawal Form 10C?

The advantages of Form 10C are provided to three categories of members who fulfill the particular qualifying requirements. The following are the qualifying conditions for the member type 1-

  1. The account holder resigned from his job before passing the ten-year term of service threshold.
  2. Account holders passed the age of 58 before finishing the ten-year term of service.

What are the Attestation Procedures?

The PF withdrawal Form 10C is required to be attested by 

(a) either the employer

(b) or both the employer and the employee, depending on the situation.

The following examples will elaborate on the above statement:

  • If an account holder applied for PF withdrawal using a form acquired from a center, it must be verified by their last employer. 
  • If the account holder got the PF withdrawal Form 10C online, the employer and the employee must verify the form.
  • If the last employment was in the organisation which is closed now, the form must be attested to by the following officials – Magistrate; Postmaster; Gazetted Officer; Chairman or Secretary of District Local Board; Bank manager relevant to the account holder’s savings account, President of Panchayat or Village Union. 

Conditions For Online PF Transfer

Employees must meet the following requirements to transfer PF online:

  • Have a functioning UAN
  • Linking a bank account and IFSC code to a UAN is required.
  • You should complete the approved e-KYC
  • On the EPFO website, the PF numbers of the former and present employers must be adequately input.
  • Verified information about the member’s identity should be provided.

It should be noted that PF members are only permitted to request one transfer at a time.


Online EPF claims can be made using the EPFO portal in a very rapid and easy manner. You only need a few documents and your Universal Account Number (UAN) to complete the process. In addition, various EPF forms must be submitted for each action on the EPFO portal. For members, this makes the PF claim procedure simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. What use does PF Form 19 serve?

Ans. For the PF account’s ultimate settlement, the PF member must file EPF Form 19. Form 19 is often used when a member quits the military, retires, or has their job ended for medical reasons.

Ques. What circumstances allow me to collect my PF amount?

Ans. Members who meet the following requirements may claim their PF amount:

  • Health emergency
  • Purchase of a first home in the employee’s name
  • The employee’s or their children’s higher education

Ques. How can I get a form for PF withdrawal?

Ans. You have the option of applying for PF withdrawal in person or online. To apply physically, download the composite claim form (Aadhaar or Non-Aadhaar), fill it out correctly, and then deliver it to the EPFO office closest to you. For submitting an online application, visit the official website of EPF.

Ques. What is the PF withdrawal form 10C?

The main form to file to collect benefits under the employee pension plan is Form 10C. Your employer’s contributions to your PF account are divided into EPF funds and EPS money.

Ques. Can we take PF withdrawals while employed?

EPF contributions are often made to provide for your post-retirement lifestyle. However, several rules under the EPFO allow a working employee to withdraw funds from a PF account. These withdrawals are referred to as 'advances.'

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