EPF Form 5: How to Fill and Download

Organisations which have 20 or more employees need to provide EPF to eligible employees. They need to inform EPFO about the new employees who are eligible for EPF and update the details by filling up EPF Form 5 to the regional EPF Commissioner once every month. 

Here’s more about EPF Form 5.

What Is EPF Form 5?

An employer needs to fill up and submit EPF Form 5 each month. It is like a monthly report regarding new employees who have joined an organisation that is a member of the EPF scheme. Employer files return of employees eligible for Employee Provident Fund. Once information is recorded, EPFO allots new Universal Account Number to these employees and contributions get deposited in their accounts. 

The organisation has to record details of new employees who do not already have an EPF account

What Are the Components of EPF Form 5? 

This form should contain the following details along with the stamp of the firm, signature of the employer, and date: 

  • Name and address of the organisation 
  • Code number of the organisation 
  • Account number of the employee 
  • Name of the employee 
  • Father’s or husband’s name of the employee 
  • Date of birth 
  • Gender 
  • Date of joining 
  • Term/ duration of previous service 

How to Get Form 5? 

You can download EPF Form 5 from the official website of EPFO. The file will be in .pdf format. After EPF Form 5 download you can print it and fill up the form with necessary details. 

How to Fill Up Form 5? 

An employer can fill up Form 5 with all the necessary details. Employers can collect these details from Form 2 (nomination details) and Form 11 (basic details) of an employee. 

It should be noted that an Aadhaar card is not necessary to fill up EPF Forms. Hence, employers need not ask for the Aadhaar Card of an employee for this purpose. 

When to Fill EPF Form 5? 

Every employer needs to submit EPF Form 5 mentioning details of all the new employees in the previous month by 15th of the next month. 

For example, if an employee joined an organisation on 7th of March, the employer needs to submit the EPF Form 5 by 15th April of the next month. 

In case no new employees join an organisation in a particular month, even then it has to file EPF Form 5. As an employer, you have to state ‘Nil’ in the section about employee details and submit it to the appropriate office. 

Where Do Employers Need to Submit Form 5?

EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) has 135 offices across India. The employer needs to submit Form 5 to the regional EPF Commissioner. Employer can contact the EPFO to notify the regional EPF Commissioner about the new joiners.  

How Can You Rectify EPF Form 5?

Employees can ask their employer to modify any details or rectify the error. 

Employees need to submit the following documents for rectification or modification: 

  • Aadhaar Card 
  • Voter ID 
  • PAN Card 
  • School certificates
  • Passport 
  • Driving License  

An employee can follow this step-wise guide for rectification: 

Step 1: Download the form from the official website and print it. 

Step 2: Fill up with necessary details. 

Step 3: Put your signature 

Step 4: Get the company’s stamp and employer’s signature 

Step 5: Attach self-attested copies of the documents necessary

Employers need to submit rectified forms to their regional EPFO office. They also need to apply to EPFO field offices requesting alteration of faults. 

What Other Forms do Employers Need to Fill Up? 

Employers need to fill up other EPF forms, apart from EPF Form 5. They are as follows: 

  • Form 10: Employer uses this form to notify EPFO about an employee leaving. This form can be used to take out any contributions made towards EPF. 
  • Form 12A: This informs EPFO about any extra income for non-profitable trusts which needs to be exempted from income tax. 
  • Form 3A: This form helps to keep a track of employer’s monthly contribution towards employee’s EPF account. This form is filled up annually. 

Final Word

EPF Form 5 helps an employee to receive benefits of EPF and every employer has to fill this form accordingly each month. The UAN number stays the same throughout an employee’s service period but the member identification number will change as the person switches his/her job. 

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