UAN (Universal Account Number) - Login, Meaning, & Registration

A 12-digit universal account number, or UAN, is issued to every salaried person who contributes a percentage of their earnings to the EPF by EPFO. Each EPFO member receives a UAN that is good for the duration of their work. The employee receives a new PF account number each time he changes jobs, and each of these PF accounts is linked to a single UAN.

Having a universal account number means you can use it to check the balance of your EPF account or transfer or withdraw money from your PF account with just a few button clicks, thanks to the information's unification. If the company has 20 or more employees, the employer must produce the UAN for the new hire when they start working. In the other case, if the employee was given a Universal Account Number (UAN) at the prior company, he must also give it to the new employer.

The Universal Account Number remains constant throughout an employee's tenure, as was previously mentioned. Therefore, a new member ID is given even when a person changes jobs, but ultimately, all of the employee's member IDs are linked to a single Universal Account Number (UAN). As a result, you may manage all of your EPF contributions—under your former and current employers—in one central spot by using the UAN.

The fact that all of an employee's PF accounts are consolidated under a single umbrella—the UAN—has made PF withdrawal, transfer, and other PF transactions easier and less complicated.

How to Obtain and Activate Your UAN

As stated in the definition, if an organisation has 20 or more employees, the employer must have the UAN generated for the new hire when they begin working for the company for the first time. If the employee was given a UAN at the previous company, he must also give it to the new employer.

To have a new UAN generated for the employee, the employer must take the actions listed below:

  1. Firstly, log in to EPF Employer Portal using the Establishment credentials (ID and password).
  2. Navigate to the "Member" section and click on the "Register Individual" tab
  3. Now comes the turn to fill in the employee's details such as Aadhaar, PAN, bank details, etc.
  4. Go to the "Approval" section and approve all the details to get a new UAN generated by EPFO.

The company may also link the PF account and the employee's UAN. Suppose the employee already has a UAN from a former employer, and the current employer asks EPFO for a new UAN. In that case, EPFO will offer the employee's current UAN rather than create a new UAN. This will only occur, though, if the employee links his UAN to his Aadhaar card.

You must register for or activate your UAN before using the EPFO portal to access any online EPF service. You cannot use any of EPFO's online services without activation. The actions listed below must be followed to activate or register a UAN:

  1. The first step requires you to visit the EPFO Member Portal and click "Activate UAN".
  2. The next step is to fill in your UAN/member ID with details like your Aadhaar number, name, DOB, and contact number, close it with the accurate captcha code and click on "Get Authorisation PIN. "
  3. Upon receiving the authorisation PIN on your registered mobile number, enter the OTP and click "Validate OTP and Activate UAN".
  4. This will lead to your UAN getting activated, and the corresponding password will be sent to your mobile number.
  5. This enables you to carry out a UAN login into your EPF account using your Universal Account Number and provided password.

What are the Necessary Documents to Generate a UAN

The following documents are required if you have recently started working for your first registered company to obtain your Universal Account Number:

  • Bank Details: Mandatory bank account information like Account number and IFSC code, accompanied by the bank and corresponding branch name.
  • Photo ID Proof: Any nationally recognised ID proof with photo-affixed. For example,  Aadhaar, driving license, passport, voter ID, etc.
  • Address Proof: Any electricity bill in your name suffices as address proof. Other alternatives include a rental/lease agreement ration card with the current address mentioned legibly.
  • PAN Card: It is required that your PAN should be linked to the Universal Account Number (UAN).
  • Aadhaar Card: This is majorly required since the Aadhaar is linked to the bank account and mobile number.

Linking your Aadhaar with the Universal Account Number (UAN) is one of the more important steps. Check the flow given in the following points:

Step 1: Conduct a universal account number login to the EPFO portal and click on the 'UAN Member e-Sewa' option, which will be present in the 'For Employees' section.

Step 2: As is the drill, type in your Universal Account Number, password, and accurate captcha to get access to the portal.

Step 3: You must click on 'KYC' under the 'Manage' tab.

Step 4: Once you find a check box in front of the Aadhaar, tick it and enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number and name. Save the details after double-checking.

Step 5: Once you've submitted the details, they'll appear under the 'Pending KYC' tab. Once the employer approves (usually around 15 days), it will reflect under the 'Approved KYC' tab.

Your EPF account's withdrawal and transfer processes will happen more quickly if you link your Aadhaar. The employee's Aadhaar information should be included in the KYC, which the current employer must authorise and verify.

Here's How You Can Leverage UAN to Withdraw/Transfer Funds Seamlessly

Before the invention of the Universal Account Number, employees had to use Form 13 to withdraw the money collected in their old PF account and transfer it to their new one after changing jobs. It was laborious and time-consuming because it was a manual operation. Every time a worker changed jobs, the procedure would remain the same.

The implementation of UAN has centralised employee PF accounts, bringing all of the accounts under a single platform. Employees have benefited from digitalising this procedure using UAN in many ways, including simple access to and tracking transactions on the PF account, online transfer from the old PF account to the new one, and seamless withdrawal and transfer.

The employee can withdraw or transfer his funds when he changes employers. However, because the process was time-consuming, most people didn't use their PF. The task has been simpler as a result of the adoption of UAN in the following ways:

  • You can link your PF accounts with your Universal Account Number as an employee.
  • After the KYC verification, you can manage your account online and must provide your UAN to the employer.
  • The employer will intervene less if a PF account is connected to a Universal Account Number.
  • You receive a monthly update on the employer's PF account deposits on your mobile device.
  • EPF passbook can be accessed online using the Umang app or the website.
  • PF withdrawals are simpler and independent of the employer.

Some of the Salients Features of UAN

Universal Account Number means you can keep track of all PF accounts in one place and stop the EFPO from relying on organisations to verify its personnel. The EPFO has access to each employee's personal information, including KYC and bank account information, thanks to the Universal Account Number, UAN facility, during the verification process.

As a result, upon filing their UAN, employees who change jobs can link their new PF account to all of their prior PF accounts. Additionally, it eliminates needing a PF account withdrawal before a job change.

Here are some of the prominent features:

  • Employees with an Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account are given a special 12-digit number to handle their EPF accounts efficiently.
  • For an employer to validate an employee's EPF account through the UAN after the appropriate documents have been verified, the employee is given a new PF account number each time they start working for a new company.
  • UAN eliminates the possibility that the employer will underfund or neglect to contribute to the employee's PF account.
  • It accomplishes the task of consolidating all PF (Provident Fund) accounts across businesses and roles, regardless of employers.
  • The centralisation of an employee's PF accounts eliminates the possibility of incorrect withdrawals and transfers and streamlines and simplifies the procedure.
  • After completing the online registration process through the EPF Member Portal, the employer's contribution to an employee's PF account can be monitored monthly through the UAN.
  • It permits online PF withdrawal for employees.

Key Advantages of Universal Account Number

Employee and Employer-Friendly Method for Transferring Funds

The physical transfer of money from the old PF account to the new one was a laborious and time-consuming process until the idea of UAN was established. The digital transmission took significantly longer.

However, with UAN, all an employer needs to do to transfer PF funds successfully is provide the new employer with the UAN and KYC information. After the new employer has confirmed these facts, the PF will be moved from the old to the new PF account.

The Inability of the Employer to Withdraw or Withhold PF Reimbursement

Your PF withdrawal application was previously sent to your former employer for signature before being submitted to the EPFO. In contrast, the reliance on the employer for PF account withdrawals has decreased after the introduction of UAN.

The accumulated funds are automatically transferred from the old PF account to the new one once the KYC verification is complete.

Mobile Notifications for Regular PF Updates

When you register for UAN on the EPF website, you can receive SMS notifications for any action in your PF account, including withdrawals and monthly employer transfers.

This allows you to closely monitor each debit and credit to your bank's savings account. You can also check the balance of your account by inputting your UAN number and downloading the PF passbook from the EPF website.

Perks of Employee Pension Scheme

Before the launch of UAN, employees preferred to withdraw money after changing jobs and then transfer it to their new PF account because the manual process took more time.

This would have had an undesirable effect on the lump sum pension they would get after retirement. This is because it meant that funds in the Employee Pension Scheme would also have to be withdrawn. Both the EPF and EPS accounts are immediately transferred after the start of UAN, providing the possibility of a larger lump sum payment upon retirement.

UAN Helpdesk

On EPFO's website, a separate UAN helpdesk is accessible, under which there are many sections pertaining to various visitor inquiries. There are two main categories: Help and Claim.

  • Employees and employers can contact "Help" with questions about EPFO office locations, UAN, Services, Grievances, etc.
  • In contrast, "Claim" supports various claim forms accessible to users, including the Composite Claim form (Aadhaar) etc.

Members can use this help desk, which is open around the clock, to get answers to their questions and doubts.


You will be given a Universal Account Number, or UAN, by your first employer. This UAN will serve as your identity proof throughout your life to access all the data and perform actions pertaining to your Employees' Provident Fund account.

The Universal Account Number (UAN) remains constant and transferable throughout an employee's career. When changing jobs, the person must have a different member ID. To make the process of EPF transfers and withdrawals easier, all such member IDs are connected to the employee's UAN.

After registering on the EPF Member Portal, the employee can monitor the employer's contribution to their PF account each month by using their individual Universal Account Number. This online tool eliminates any possibility of the company withholding money or making deductions from an employee's PF account.

To produce their EPF passbook, employees can also register for their EPF account offline by texting the phrase EPFOHO UAN ENG to the number 7738299899 from a contact number registered with the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Office).


What's the Need to Update Your Mobile Number on the EPFO Portal?

The following points emphasise why it's important to keep the updated mobile number linked to the EPFO portal:

  • By sending an SMS from your registered mobile number, you can check your EPF balance.
  • You will receive updates regarding contributions to your EPF account via SMS on the registered mobile number.
  • Using your registered mobile number, you can check the status of your claim.
  • Transfer the EPF amount from your old member ID to your new one.
  • The validation process ends after you enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  • A notification will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile number once the process of crediting the amount to your bank account starts for an EPF withdrawal.

How to Check if the UAN has Been Activated or Not?

You can know the status of your Universal Account Number by following the below process:

  • First of all, visit the UAN portal.
  • Click on the tab 'Know your UAN'.
  • Enter the captcha and your registered mobile number for verification. Select "Request OTP" from the menu. Click the "Validate OTP" button after entering the OTP and captcha code.
  • You will be directed to provide your name, DOB, PAN, Aadhaar, member ID, and the captcha for verification. Click the "Show my UAN" button after completing all the required information.
  • Your UAN number will be displayed on the screen.

Is it Possible to Change my Details in UAN Portal? If yes, How?

By going onto the UAN portal, you can alter your personal information, including your name, date of birth, email address, and mobile number. Please be aware, nevertheless, that these particulars will only be updated on the UAN portal if they coincide with those on your Aadhaar card.

Therefore, you must first change the personal information on your Aadhaar card before updating it on the UAN portal. After logging into the portal, select the "Basic Details" option under the "Manage" page to edit or change the name and birthdate. You must then click the "Submit" button after updating your name or date of birth.

Your employer must, however, authorise the new name and birthdate. The EPFO will update the information on the UAN portal as soon as it has been approved by the employer. You must log in to the UAN site and select the "Contact Details" option under the "Manage" page to update your number or email address. After updating your email address or mobile number, click the "Submit" button.

How is a Universal Account number Different from a PF Account Number?

The term "UAN" refers to the universal account number, which includes details about each employee's member id. UAN is a permanent number that is valid for the entirety of an employee's career. If a worker changes jobs, the 12-digit UAN will not change.

A PF number contains all PF data and information about an employee's PF transaction with the issuing organisation. It is Mandatory for EPF withdrawals.

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