Upstox x TradingView - Dedicated desktop platform with advanced charting features


Switching between multiple tabs, apps and tools for your trades? Close them all!

Presenting, Upstox x TradingView

A powerful destination that makes tracking, analysing and trading simple.

Earlier you were probably setting charts on the TradingView platform, while simultaneously viewing the option chain on our mobile app and placing orders from another tab. And due to all this you may have missed out a great price or trend. But not anymore.

We’ve partnered with TradingView - a charting platform used by 30M+ traders and investors worldwide to spot opportunities across global markets. And launched a whole new charting platform for you.

With Upstox x TradingView enjoy TradingView Pro features worth ₹12,000 / year for FREE!

Trade From Charts

Place orders instantly, modify them and also track them directly from charts. This results in quick trading decisions, without missing out on trading opportunities due to switching between tabs and screens!

Advanced Charting Tools

Access 104 advanced indicators and 80+ drawing tools to analyse charts like a pro.

Multi Chart Setup

Set up to eight charts simultaneously on a single screen and monitor them for changes at the same time.

All-In-One Dashboard (Account Manager)

Track any open positions, closed positions, holdings and orders at one place

Trading from Market Depth

View and create new orders using the price ladder from market depth.

Option Chain on TradingView

You can now select up to 30 strike prices above and below the LTP of the underlying symbol. View the underlying symbol's future and spot price, greeks and filters. Open a specific option contract chart by clicking on the chart icon. And Buy/Sell option contracts directly without adding them to your watchlist

You can also view or hide the following from Settings - Volume, OI Change, IV, Bid price, Ask price from settings. And view or hide the following from Option Greeks - Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega from settings.

Over and above this, access fast and improved charts, smoother order execution, and option to switch to dark themes!


⏰Worth the wait - After-Market-Orders coming soon on TradingView

Feature comparison in a nutshell

Explore the all-new Upstox x TradingView platform and add an edge to your trading.

Try Upstox x TradingView today!


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