Transfer money directly with Upstox Pro Web


Try out Upstox Pro Web today for a better trading experience. We have updated our entire suite of mobile and web applications to include a whole host of new features.

Upstox Pro Web

Pay In

Now transfer money directly from your bank account to Upstox Pro Web without leaving the interface. Direct Pay In is supported for over 25 banks in India. See the full list of banks.

Live charts

See realtime chart data updated for every instrument. Set your timeframe to 1 minute, 5 minute or even 1 day and get realtime chart information for OHLC.

New Chart features

Now get better intraday analysis with Upstox Pro on the Web. You can enable day break and zero-day lines on your chart by clicking on the Settings button.

Upstox Pro Mobile on Android

View charts and data for indices

Get realtime OHLC charts for both stocks and indices. View historical data for NIFTY and SENSEX along with their futures.

Realtime news for stocks

Need to keep up with the latest news on a stock? Now you don’t need to leave the application. Get live news for every stock on the Android app right away.

Upstox Pro Mobile on iOS


We have released our iOS app to the general public. Download Upstox Pro for iOS today here.

Indices on watchlist

We’ve added the ability to add and remove SENSEX and NIFTY from your watchlist. Enable it on the settings menu.

More chart styles and advanced studies

Work with over 8 indicators and drawing tools right on your mobile application. Now available for iOS users here are the findings.

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