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Trading Moving Averages

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Trading Moving Averages

So we know what a moving average is pretty well by now, a line drawn by smoothing out price data over a set period of time is a moving average.  Smoothing out helps to reduce the spike fluctuations that occur from one candlestick to another so that the line produced can easily be used to identify emerging trends, which is why we see support and resistances so clearly on it.

Using a bit of price action and the moving averages we can create a signal to buy and sell, this video explores the types of moving averages first, the EMA, MA, and WMA. The lesson after that touches upon trading psychology.

Types of Moving Averages - Lesson 3 (Video Lesson)
Trading Psychology - Lesson 4 (Video Lesson)

Finally, we move on to the final and most interesting lesson. Trading the crossover signal.  In this lesson, we will introduce to you a trading method based on the crossover of moving averages with entry points near support/resistance area.  As we have seen in our previous lesson how trading success depends only 5% on a trading strategy and 95% on discipline/attitude of a trader.

Moving Average Crossover Method - Lesson 5 (Video Lesson)

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14 responses to “Trading Moving Averages

  1. now you donot charge any amount for demat and trading a/c for life time?is it correct?this offer is valid for how long.

    and you provide 5 free trade per month also.
    what happen if i open both a/c and donot trade regularly say few trade per month or months.
    Is there any fixed amount to trade daily or monthly or yearly to be associated with you?

    1. This offer is valid until 31st December 2015.

      There is no fixed amount or turnover which you need to compulsory trade. You can avail 5 free trades monthly for life time without any commitments. Basically, you can trade whenever you wish.

  2. do you send the opening form for both or do i have to take printout form you site you will sent.
    is this the only requirement or any chargeble amount to be sent?
    how and howmuch time you will take to send amount to may account when i sell and also how to pay when i buy
    Do you also provide with financial statements and PnL statements and holdings/
    valuations & other papers for taxation
    sir how can i learn to trade by your software as a layman and start trading

    1. Below are answers to your questions.

      do you send the opening form for both or do I have to take printout form your site you will be sent.
      Ans : You need to take the print out and courier the completed form along with required documents to us.

      is this the only requirement or any chargeable amount to be sent?
      Ans : You need to send the forms with all required documents. No charges if you open the account in the month of December 2015.

      how and how much time you will take to send the amount to my account when I sell and also how to pay when I buy
      Ans : You can request a payout from your back office and once the request is successfully placed funds would be credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

      Do you also provide with financial statements and PnL statements and holdings/ valuations & other papers for taxation
      Ans : Yes, we have all the details present in our back office software called Keystone, you can get all the reports from there.

      sir how can I learn to trade by your software as a layman and start trading
      Ans : You can go through the various concept of trading by going through Trade Academy educational portal of Upstox. Our team also provides you a demo of our software which will help you in trading.

  3. how to trust Upstox as it involve money and how it is safe to trade with Upstox than to trade or trust on institutional brokers

  4. thanks for reply.
    now, suppose i open demat+trading account with my spouse as joint 2nd a/c holder in E/S mode and add nominee also in this month under your promotional offer ( free a/c opening both demat +trading)and donot trade at all or trade very rarely then what happen to my a/c.Whether it shall be inactive, in how many days/months and how it shall be active again.Is there any charge for that i have to bear or is it free for life long.
    I am also affraid how can i learn NEST

    1. Hey Anand! We will not charge you an AMC at all. Your demat account will stay active even if you do not place trades but your trading account will be deactivated, if you do not place trades until 6 months. If you want to learn NEST, we can have our representative give you a live demo and help you with all technicalities of trading.

      1. how trading account shall be activated again after 6 months of no trading and

        secondly I am neither in mumbai nor in delhi than how can you help for live demo.

        also, attach reviews about Upstox under traderji regarding trust

  5. what documents you need for a 2nd joint a/c holder and also for nominee do you require any documents.are witnesses with their signs for nominee compulsory.
    again can i open 2nd account if i already have account with other agency and is my master record file is enough for you to open another account.
    OR PAN & form 16 is enough for opening account.
    what about the introducer if leave it blank.

    1. KRA for second should be done, if its not done, you need to fill up the KYC form and documents required for that purpose are, address proof and a pan card copy. No documents are required for nominee and witnesses with their signs are compulsory. Yes, you can open another account even if you have account with another DP. You need not to submit your master record file to open that account. If your KYA is done then only a bank proof is required (Cancelled cheque with holders name on it) and a bank statement. passbook self-attested. As for the introducer, you can leave it blank.

  6. your reply as-

    Hi Anand, you can read reviews about Upstox under traderji forum where various traders and Upstox clients exchange their views. Also, click here to know more about how Upstox ensures that your funds are safe.

    can you attach reviews about
    1.Upstox under traderji and also
    2.your line click here to know funds safety with Upstox

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