TPIN (Telephone PIN) Authorization

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TPIN Overview

One of the pain points that we noticed at Upstox is when customers are trying to place orders on the phone. As a broker, it's our job to make sure that the person calling on the other end of the phone is who they say they are. As a client, you are looking to get to a dealer as soon as possible to place your trade. The way we've been doing this is when the customer calls our Call & Trade (C&T) department, the dealer asks them a series of standard security questions. If you pass all the tests, we know it's you. But this takes time and that's a resource that many intraday traders may not have. To facilitate call and trade transactions quickly and safely, we have introduced a Telephone PIN (TPIN) authorization mechanism. This is a fairly common practice done in banking/financial services for the following tasks:

  1. Identify the customer using a secure layer of authentication
  2. Speed up the time between when the customer places the call and gets routed to an agent


Your TPIN is a four digit numeric code that is personal to you. You can manage it on Keystone. Once you login to Keystone, go to your Profile, and click on Change TPIN on your left. Your TPIN is very important -- keep it secure. Treat it as you would your ATM or Debit Card PIN.


Starting Tuesday, June 10, when you call our helpline, we are going to integrate TPIN to our phone systems so that your C&T calls happen much faster. Here's how it would work:

  1. You call our number and press '2' for Call & Trade.
  2. Our system knows who you are when you dial in from your registered number. If it doesn't recognize you, it will ask you to key-in your six-digit UCC.
  3. Once it recognizes you from step 2, it will ask you for your four-digit TPIN.
  4. After you enter the correct code, you'll be routed directly to an agent without any further questions.

It's recommended that you manage your TPIN and use it when calling the C&T department. At the moment, we have not used TPIN for other departments, so if you call Technical Support or Accounts, you won't need to use your TPIN.

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