Tools to power your trades and investments: January 2024


Let’s embrace the power of consistency beyond our new year resolutions! In 2024, Upstox is all about Innovation, Creation, and Disruption. Take a look at our game-changing product updates that are live on the app and web.


💜 Major updates on Upstox for Traders:


⚙️P&L Alerts (Android)

You asked for it, and we delivered – P&L alerts! Here's what it means for you:

  • Set alerts for your selected positions.
  • Get timely alerts to cut losses and safeguard profits.
  • Full-time traders can enjoy more opportunity-seeking time.
  • Part-time traders can trade worry-free without constant position monitoring.


⚙️Revamped P&L Reports with Heatmap View

Check out these enhanced Heatmap features for a seamless experience:

  • Explore your daily gross P&L in a user-friendly calendar format, allowing easy month-to-month navigation and the ability to add and view trading notes directly.
  • Gain deeper insights with additional parameters such as Winning trades, Losing trades, and Profit Factor.
  • Effortlessly access and scroll through realised dates without cumbersome date filters. Analyse P&L trading parameters at a day level and compare performance trends with just a single click. Heatmaps, now more intuitive than ever!


⚙️Customised time intervals on TradingView web (

We’ve added a custom time interval feature on the TradingView platform to help you do analysis at your preferred time frame. 


⚙️View Order, Positions and Holdings with the scrip details summary

Scrip details are empowered to show you all Open orders, Positions and holdings within the Summary view to review and act quickly, thus saving you time.


💜 Minor updates on Upstox for Traders:

⚙️Option Chain V2 now on Pro Web

Our robust Option Chain, now accessible on the web! Experience its enhanced features, including Greeks, seamless expiry switching, India VIX, strike-wise details, and Max Pain analysis. Elevate your options trading with precision and ease.

⚙️In-app Ledger

Effortlessly review recent transactions and swiftly search through them by utilising one-touch filters. You have the option to review transactions from the last 15 to 30 days, conveniently categorised into predefined groups for user-friendly navigation.

⚙️Open Interest Indicator

Unlock the power of Open Interest indicator, now available on Android!

⚙️Volume and Margin columns added in Option Chain on Android

You can now track volume and the margin required to trade one lot of the contract from the option chain column itself.

⚙️A quick tab view to review all orders

Effortlessly navigate your order book with the new quick tab view, providing instant access to Open, Closed, and all orders!

⚙️GTT Position/Holdings on Pro Web

3 major enhancements which are available on the app are now available on Pro Web: 

  • Flexibility to add both Stop Loss (SL) and Profit Target, add just one of them, or none
  • Ability to place GTT orders to your existing positions and holdings
  • Higher target limits of up to 9999% for Options and up to 500% for stocks


💜 Latest releases on Upstox for Investors:


⚙️Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)

Enhance your fixed income portfolio by incorporating Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) for superior returns through corporate bonds.


⚙️Stock SIP Autopay

Stay away from the hassle of monthly manual payments! Enable seamless recurring investments in Stock SIPs with the ease of Autopay via UPI.


💜 And now, we’re excited to announce our upcoming releases:

⚙️Model Portfolio

We’ll be soon launching our curated mutual fund baskets for a personalised and diversified investment portfolio that align with your goals.

⚙️Fixed Deposits

Optimise your savings by accessing competitive Fixed Deposit rates from top-tier banks. Experience seamless and secure investments with Upstox for fixed returns.

⚙️Personal Finance Checklist

Your finances, your way! Empower your financial well-being with our comprehensive Personal Finance Checklist. Streamline and optimise your finances with ease and efficiency.

⚙️Personal Loans 

In need of some quick funds?Get hassle-free Personal Loans via Tata Capital on Upstox, with approvals in just 5 minutes. Blazing fast! 


That’s all for now, folks! Enjoyed reading our updates? Tell us how we could do better by sharing your recommendations on our Community !


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