Tools to power your trades and investments: December 2023


What a year it’s been for India. Let’s take a moment to cheer for some of the biggest wins!

🚀Chandrayaan: The first spacecraft to touch down near the Moon's south pole.

💸UPI: India’s leading digital payment system, now spans 10 countries beyond our borders.

🏆The World Cup: A defining moment as India hosts the global cricket spectacle. 

📊GDP: With a spectacular 7.6% GDP growth, we’ve surpassed all expectations. 

🚀StockRocket: Indian stock markets reach $4 trillion in M Cap

And now! Let’s start with the highlight for December Product Updates! 


💜Tick-by-Tick Charting Data

Upstox is the 1st broker* in India to offer Tick-by-Tick(TbT) charting data. Unlike Snapshot data, Tick-by-Tick charting data lets you capture every individual transaction in the market, including price, volume, and time stamps. If we were to compare the 2 charts that use TbT data to those using snapshot data, TbT shows accurate higher highs, lower lows, and more data points in candlestick patterns. It gives accurate mapping of indicators, precise pattern recognition and reliable price triggers. What’s more? It’s free to use for all Upstox users!


⚙️Kill Switch:

Kill Switch is the game-changing feature you've been waiting for. It lets you temporarily disable trading in specific segments for a refreshing 12-hour break. Say goodbye to impulsive decisions, become a calm trader, and more confident!

Why should we use Kill Switch? 

  • Prevents you from overtrading
  • Avoid compulsive trading

How to enable Kill Switch on Upstox? 

Step 1: Log in to the Upstox app 

Step 2: Go to ‘Account' →‘Profile’ →‘Trading segments’ 

Step 3: Select ‘Kill Switch’ to disable a segment

Step 4: Verify with a 6-digit OTP 

Step 5: You have successfully disabled an active segment


Here are some minor trade updates for this month:


⚙️Pre trade margin check on order entry (Equity & Buy Side Options)

An upgrade to place faster trades! We can now check the available amount to trade on the transaction screen compared to the required margin during order placement. In case of insufficient funds,we will have the option to buy maximum quantity or add funds directly from the transaction screen.


⚙️Basket Order version 2

With our latest version 2 of Basket Orders, here’s what’s possible:

  •  A detailed breakdown of margin requirements, enabling precise margin management
  • Make informed decisions by understanding the margin impact of each item in the basket.
  • Reduced risk of order rejection due to insufficient margin for specific scrips.


⚙️Curated live news on website

Apart from the app, we can now access live market news on the website too!

⚙️Holding details now in bottom sheet

Get a quick and fast access to the details of each holdings with a new and improved experience!


⚙️Heatmap, FII & DII data now available on Pro web

Get a comprehensive visual view of the futures markets, allowing us to quickly assess market performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions.


⚙️Improvements in Option Chain

  • Option Chain is now available for Currency.
  • A new column to track volume is now added to our Option Chain on iOS, coming soon on Android too.


Any investors reading this blog? We have some exciting updates for you too! 


⚙️Fixed income 

T-Bills and G-Secs are the newly added categories under Fixed Income. Similar to how fixed deposits are a way to lend money to your bank and earn interest, T-Bills and G-Secs are a way to lend money to the Government of India (GOI) or State Government. They’re safer than FDs, have 100% guaranteed returns and are tradeable like Stocks! 


⚙️Stock first time user experience 

A revamped experience for investors on the app where we’ve simplified the user journey in a step-by-step process to make better investment choices.


⚙️Home section revamp 

We can now easily track external investments straight from the homepage on the Upstox app. Get a comprehensive view of the total investments, all in one place!


⚙️Improved stock charts 

Get a more intuitive viewing experience on stock charts with detailed candlestick charts and responsive multi-touch controls.


⚙️BSE Stocks

Add Stocks to your portfolio that are exclusively listed on BSE.


⚙️Curated Portfolio

Get a curated mutual fund investment baskets that’ll help us build a diversified portfolio tailored to our profiles and goals.


⚙️Non-Convertible Debentures(NCDs)

NCDs are now included in your Fixed Income portfolio which lets you add corporate bonds and NCDs for enhanced returns.


⚙️SIP Autopayments

This feature makes automatic recurring investments in Stock SIPs through mutual funds with the convenience of Autopay via UPI.

⚙️Improvement in the mutual funds mandate section 

We’ve simplified the process for setting up mandates for mutual fund investments like setting up a new SIP is now made quicker and simpler. 


That’s all for now, folks! Enjoyed reading our updates? Tell us how we could do better in 2024 in our Community !


Still on the old app?🤔

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*as per Dalal Street Journal

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