What to tell someone when they say trading is the same as gambling

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"Trading is no different than gambling.  Why do you trade when you can simply buy gold?"

If you are a day trader or even an investor, you have probably been asked this question many times. As Indians, we love gold, and we believe that it is the best investment.

The truth is that gold, in reality, is an excellent investment  on its own. It is rare, cannot be reproduced, and perhaps most important of all- is irresistible.  Our appetite for gold never ceases to diminsh.

At the same time, only 2% of India's population to invests in the stock markets. And so, we will conclude this article with a simple graph that shows the power of investing in the stock markets.

5 Year Graph of Gold versus Sensex


Gold 5 year return (INR): 33% over 5 years
Sensex 5 year return: 71% over 5 years

It would be easy to elaborate on these charts- but as they say, the proof is in the pudding 🙂

Keep investing, trading, and building your wealth through the Indian capital markets!



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