RKSV's Switchover Plan: Earn Rs. 2000!

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 Switche over plan

Make the Switch

Every now and then, there comes an offer that seems too good to be true.

Well, this is one of them!

Switch from your current broker to Upstox and earn Rs. 2000 in brokerage credit*. No questions asked!


How does it Work?

It's a simple 2 step process!

  1. Open a demat account with Upstox, free of cost!*
  2. Send us a contract note from your old broker. The contact note should ideally be from within the last three months (Oct 1st onward). Any month's contact note  will suffice!

Once your account is open, you will be credited with Rs. 2000, and you're ready to go!


What if I'm already a Upstox Customer?

Refer your friends! Use our user-friendly referral tool to refer hundreds of your friends!

Watch this video to learn how to refer hundreds of your friends within minutes.

Inform them that by switching over to Upstox, they will immediately earn Rs. 2000. In the meanwhile, you get to earn 10% referral earnings for life!


Great! I'm ready to Switch. What's the next step?

Simply open an account with us at zero account opening fees and send us a contract note.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at sales@upstox.com or give us a call at 022-6130-9999.

It's time for you to start earning in the stock markets! Switch over to Upstox; you'll be glad you made the Switch 😉



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