Start Trading Crude Oil Mini Futures Contracts!

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Days like Tuesday, 6th January Happen Rarely

When the markets fell 3% on Tuesday, it was largely due to the fact that crude oil had fallen below $50/barrel.

And, not surprisingly, there was massive action on the MCX crude oil contracts. Did you miss out?

Introducing Crude Oil Mini Futures Contracts!

MCX has recently launched MCX Crude Oil Mini Futures contracts, and of course RKSV is providing it to its customers.

Here's a snapshot that shows MCX Crude Oil pinned against MCX Crude Oil Mini, each for 1 contract.  This is pulled up from RKSV's popular brokerage calculator.


At first, it might be hard to spot the difference between the two! But upon further inspection, it becomes clear that the margin required to execute one contract is exactly 1/10, or 10%, of what is required for a regular Crude Oil contract.

Crude Oil Mini contracts are a great way to get started trading Crude Oil. With just 1/10th margin required, you can get started without having to put up anywhere as much capital. With these volatile times ahead of us, crude oil is bound to have a lot of volatility. Playing on volatility as a day trader is the single most effective way to earn profits as a daytrader!

Contracts are available for the months of January, February, March, April, May, and June 2015.

Keep in mind that Crude Oil mini contracts are literally 1/10th of Crude Oil contracts, including how many barrels each contract represents. A regular Crude Oil Contract = 100 barrels, while a Crude Oil Mini contracts = 10 barrels.

Also feel free to use our SPAN calculator to see exactly how much margin you would require to trade Crude Oil Mini contracts!

Our Span Calculator is updated real-time and can be found here

Finally, the Symbol to select is simple! CRUDEOILM

Happy Trading! But beware the volatile markets!


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