Invest regularly and easily with SIP on Upstox MF platform


Upstox is introducing SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) on its Mutual Fund platform. The simple and intuitive platform is designed to help you meet your financial goals with easy planning.

Why SIP?

Investing in the securities market is a major way to build your wealth. This is true for any type of an economy, especially in emerging markets such as India. Even a newcomer to the share markets knows that markets are unpredictable. If a person is just starting out in the share markets there are chances that she/he might enter the market at an inopportune time or exit at the wrong time. If they miss that right moment, they might end up making a loss instead of the desired profits. While it entirely depends on the investor’s risk appetite, SIP is an instrument with fewer risks. 

SIP is based on the age-old principle of regular saving. SIP mutual funds combine the art of saving a little bit of your income every month with the art of investing i.e. growing your existing money. You can invest a fixed amount at regular intervals be it monthly or quarterly. This ensures that you are investing your income both during highs in the markets and are capitalizing on the lows in the markets. This is one of the major ways in which SIPs mitigate the volatility of the market to work in favour of the investor. It will average out the returns in the long term because the investor will buy more units when the market is low and less units when the market is high.

Why Upstox Mutual Fund SIP?

Most of the trading platforms and brokers that offer SIP Mutual Funds require you to maintain a certain balance in your trading account. That’s not the case when investing in SIPs with Upstox MF platform. The first payment will be through the Upstox Platform and all the subsequent SIPs will be deducted directly from the investor's bank account. The hassle of maintaining sufficient balance in your trading account for SIP is completely removed. Just a one-time bank mandate has to be signed and sent to us.

An easy and intuitive user interface is designed to give investors accurate information to make informed decisions. At Upstox, we believe that investing should be free and accessible to everyone. That's why you can purchase mutual funds on Upstox for free.

You can choose multiple asset classes like debts and liquid funds. You don't have to limit yourself to just equity funds. Investing in Tax Saving Mutual Funds will provide double the benefit when taking into account factors such as compounded returns and tax saving.

So start building wealth today by investing with the Upstox MF platform!

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