Mutual Funds: Now available for free on Upstox


Traders - we're excited to announce the launch of our  Upstox MF platform. You can now buy mutual funds at no cost with your Upstox account as long as you have a Demat account with us. If not registered with Upstox you can now open a demat account in just a few hours and start investing in Mutual Funds

Benefits of investing in Mutual Funds

MFs offer a wide variety of advantages over traditional stocks. Let's list out a few of them here.

Built-in Diversification

Spread your wealth across many asset classes without much work. Composed of many securities, MFs naturally come with less risk than stocks. Therefore, it protects you from a large loss arising from a single stock.

Managed by professionals

Leave the hard work of picking the right mix of stocks to the experts. Fund managers work day and night to select the best stocks for each fund. Additionally, they have research teams helping them identify new opportunities. Focus on selecting the right MF that helps you achieve your goals.

Why you should invest in Mutual Funds with Upstox

No paperwork required

Investing in mutual funds is easy if you already have a Demat account with us. A separate MF account has already been created for you at no cost. In addition to your Securities account, you can also deposit money towards your MF account. If you don't have an Upstox account yet, open online demat account today without printing or signing a form.

Over 2000 MFs to choose from

Take your pick. Select equity funds if you're looking for growth. Or tax saving schemes that keep more money in your pocket. There are also sector wise funds that target areas such as IT, Banks, Pharma.

Invest for Free

Because investing should be free and accessible for everyone. There are no brokerage charges for investing with Upstox. In addition to zero brokerage for delivery trades, there are no charges to buying any mutual fund with Upstox.

So start building wealth today by investing in the Upstox MF platform!

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46 responses to “Mutual Funds: Now available for free on Upstox

    1. Hey Amit,

      We’re routing through a distributor for v1. You could still save money as there’s no monthly fee. Our technology talks directly with the exchange without any middle-men. Removing the distributor is not a difficult task and can be done quite easily.

          1. During Upstox mutual fund login, message come to open demat account and no activity is possible in mutual fund account,

            i have already open demat account and from upstox mutual fund account link message also come but no activity is possible in these account.
            Pl suggest me to close mutual fund account or you have solution.

          2. Hi Rasik,

            As discussed on the call please send us IL&FS closure form, RKSV DP PoA form and RKSV DP nomination form(optional) to login to Mutual Funds portal and see all your old funds.
            Since you have recently moved from IL&FS DP account to RKSV DP account and not sent the forms to us, you were not able to login to Mutual Funds portal and check funds.

            Shyam Kumar

          3. Shayam
            All procedure and documents are submitted week ago.
            Now unlock mutual fund account.

          4. Hi Rasik,

            We have received your documents last week. IL&FS will take more than a week to process the closure application. Only after that you will be able to login into Mutual Funds account.

            Shyam Kumar

          5. Shyam,

            All forms and document submitted to upstox by courier and and your team member mail me on 24.07.2017 that our team looking into this,
            After one weak no reply from them and no solution,
            Pl look into mater and solve the problem.


            Rasik Patel.

  1. There should not be saprate space to add money before investing. Mf investment should be linked to trading ledger as I can use money as margin after selling mf or I could buy mf from money laying in trading ledger

      1. Hi Shrini, On the similar line, merging the wallet of trading and MF account will be better to manage.
        Btw, I do NEFT from my Bank account to add balance into my Upstox trading account. How do I transfer to MF account? Can it be done only through Upstox MF ?If yes, what are the charges?

        1. Hi Pritish,

          From Trading account you cannot transfer funds to MF account. You can add balance in MF only from its platform. Payment charges are 7 Rs per transaction.

          1. Hey thanks for the reply. I contacted Upstox’s support for the same. They have given me details for doing NEFT transfer to Upstox MF account (instead of ATOM transaction).

  2. I have purchased tax saving mutual fund using your application. But upstox support nor mutual fund application has any way to get tax saving statement. when contacted support they give different excuse that amc will provide that statement or you can use demat account statement. And support not even give the timeline by which i can get statement. Unfortunately if this is the situation, i regret my decision on putting trust on upstox and probably if i have to invest my money using mutual fund then i have to choose some other way.

      1. Thanks. finally i received it. Will it going forward remain similar process to get statement or i will able to get it from upstox application ? I understand it is beta product and this may not be in your priority.

  3. There should be one ledger and money should be able to be used either for equity or mf. If i wanna sell equity then with the same money purchase mf, there should be no problem. Seprate account is cumbersome. Kotak use seprate account and accounting is cumbersome. Zerodha use money in one ledger for mf or equity and its easy to manage. I have both. I wanna shift from kotak because of this.

  4. Hello Mr. Shrini,
    Your MF platform has an issue which I have reported (emailed with screenshots) to your support. Now it is more than 20 days the issue is not resolved.First thing is your MF support is very BAD. People do not have sufficient knowledge and they just keep giving prototype answers which are not relevant to the issue customer is reporting. Second, your IT team is least bothered to pick up and resolve something called as the ‘defect leaked to customer’ (this is the most shameful thing in case of an company / service provider is providing client facing systems and client reports a defect).
    As far as my issue and problem is concerned, below is the first mail I wrote on 05-May-2017 for which I got response on 09-May-2017!!! I have also attached the screen shots for your reference and hope you understand the issue. There is no other way to reach any responsible person in Upstox who can look into this and give satisfactory solution. Yesterday the support person – Mr. Adrian Dacunha tells me that the issue will be resolved only for me and a application (MF platform fix ) will take 2 to 3 weeks!!! This is absolutely ridiculous! I hope this post of mine reaches to a responsible person and I get solution. The necessary details from first mail as I mentioned above follows below –
    I bought HDFC Prudence Fund under Dividend Reinvest option on 03-Apr-2017. These are displayed on the Mutual Fund portfolio properly.

    The fund house declared dividend and these were credited for which I got SMS from CDSL. When I checked the same on Upstox MF site, these are not shown. When I check them on backoffice site, they are shown correctly.

    Now the problem is when I want to sell the units, I believe I will be allowed to sell only units which are shown on the MF site which is a problem.

    I have attached the documents with call outs and highlights for your reference and understanding.

    Your Mutual funds site is not in sync with backoffice and hence there is a problem.

    Regarding this when I called up the support, they transferred to someone in backoffice who promised me that there will be call back from Mutual Funds department. This did not happened.

      1. Thanks, Shyam. They are reflecting now. But the issue still remains the same. And I am sure if tomorrow some other fund house declares dividend then I will have to go through this painful experience once again. What you have done is a stop gap arrangement. I can say this because I have recording of what you (Upstox team) is going to do in case of this issue. So again my point still remains same and valid. Secondly, you should not have touched the Order Book. As the Order book should show only orders placed from your system. Since I got units as dividend, they should not be part of Order Book. Problem is very simple … you do not have connection with your back office system database. You have one database for client facing system and other for back office which has all the feeds coming in properly. If this is the case then you do not have two databases connected / talking to each other. And if this is not the case then your system still has a bug which do not show proper reconciled transactions. I hope you have understood the problem and will work towards this. If not then there is a big problem waiting for you.

        1. Oh, by the way, this tells me one more thing, the moment mistakes are pointed out, people run and hide. Same is done by Shyam and ……

          Guys, you have altered my order book … do you understand what you have done?

          Hope I get a response from a responsible ‘Head’ 🙁

          1. Hi Nikhil,

            The solution provided was a temporary fix. We are working on a permanent solution for the problem.

          2. Temporary fix??? It is more than 20 days and you still ‘working on permanent solution’!!! Big joke, if you were serious towards working on such a loophole then you would have done the fix first rather than releasing cosmetic changes on the mf site.
            I am still convinced on my point – you have a system in which your client facing application do not talk to your back office.

            I am also correct on my point that the moment someone shoes mirror, your people hide face and run away. I don’t think you have understood and if yes then you are ashamed of your defected blunder which you are not willing to accept.

          3. Hi Nikhil,

            We have fixed the issue. Please check the platform.
            Total units available including any dividend received will be shown in ‘All Funds’ page but ‘Investment History’ page will only contain the units which you have bought from the platform.
            Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

          4. Thanks.
            As of now it is showing proper. I will need to keep it checking for the dividend declared by the Fund. In case this does not works, will post it again.


    1. Hi Anup,

      Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our Service. Can you please let me know the issue which you are facing.


    1. Hi Vipin,

      Find the below:

      Mutual fund NEFT Bank details

      HDFC Bank details for BSE – Star Mutual Funds Segment
      RKSV Securities India Pvt Ltd ( BSE – Star MF )
      Account Number : 00600340083719
      IFSC Code : HDFC0000060
      Type : Current Account
      Branch: Mumbai, Fort.

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