Having the Monday Blues?

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Having the Monday Blues?

I recently read an article on Forbes that talks about 11 ways to beat the "Monday Blues".

In case you're not familiar with the term, Mondays are apparently the day of the week  when people are their productive lowest. In a nutshell, people just hate Mondays.


I was not aware of that at all!

To me- that makes no sense. And when I look at the workplace we have at RKSV, I know that for a fact- Mondays are not described as the "Monday Blues".


In fact, personally, Mondays are the best day of the week. From a rational point of view, you spend your weekend doing the things you would not normally get a chance to do on weekdays.


Hence, Monday provides the optimal time to get your brain wired back into work mode.


This goes hand in hand with trading. If you approach trading as something you love to pursue, you will look forward to it on Monday with an extra sense of zeal that you probably would not be able to experience on any other day of the week.


Since there are articles that talk about fighting the "Monday Blues"- you can be the one that understands that it doesn't have to be that way.


When you do something that the majority are not, guess what happens?  You gain an edge.  And winning in trading all comes down to having an edge over your competition. Therefore, take advantage of your Mondays and look at them as the day of the week when your mind is at its sharpest. While thousands of traders are wishing for the weekend to come back, you can trade with that extra confidence. That extra edge.


Yon can beat the Monday Blues- without having the Blues at all 😉



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