May Updates

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Team RKSV has been hard at work to bring you new features and service updates. This month of May is full of new launches!

Election Fever

The election season is in full swing. Markets will be extremely volatile as we get closer and closer to 16th May election results day. Volatility may last that entire week up until the following Monday. Circuit limits may also get hit so it’s important you keep a close eye on your positions. Our RMS team may also reduce intraday margin features during that week depending on market conditions. Please look into your email inbox for a official RKSV communiqué sent last week regarding our margin policy during election season.


We will be rolling out a full fledged Telephonic PIN system to authenticate all Call and Trade transactions. Our phone system will require the user to type in her/his unique TPIN code prior to every Call & Trade transaction. Our TPIN system will serve two primary functions:

  1. It will reduce the time to authenticate yourself by phone
  2. It will provide increased security and transparency to the user

Expect a detailed email from us in the coming weeks explaining how this feature will work, including how you will receive your TPIN and be able to change it. Full TPIN implementation will go live by the end of May.

Bracket Orders

The feature many traders have been waiting for! Bracket orders are coming within days at RKSV and will offer RKSV clients one of the most powerful tools at their disposal. With a bracket order, you can simultaneously place a Profit Target and Stop Loss order at the same time as placing your initial position. The system ensures that once either your Profit Target or Stop Loss order gets hit, the other gets cancelled automatically.  It also comes with trailing Stop Loss functionality that ensures your stop loss orders automatically adjusts and ‘trails’ the current market price. Bracket Orders will shortly be launched on NSE Equities, NSE Futures and NSE CDS.  Please be on the lookout for more details on how this works in our next blog.

Bracket Orders are available for clients enrolled on our Dream Plan, Pro Plans, and Ultimate Plan.

Cover Orders for MCX and CDS

Just like our Cover Order facility for Equities, Futures and Options, we are now launching Cover Orders for MCX and CDS by month end! Be on the lookout for details.

Lowered Transaction Costs

Team RKSV is always working hard to make your trading more and more cost effective. We will be significantly reducing transaction costs on Futures, Options and Currencies (savings of up to 60%)! The rate modifications effective Monday 5th May are:

  • Equity Futures: Rs. 210 per crore
  • Equity Options: Rs. 5,900 per crore
  • Currency Futures: Rs. 155 per crore
  • Currency Options: Rs. 6,000 per crore

iPhone and Windows Mobile support

We are going big on mobile! We are soon launching iPhone and Windows Mobile application support. Get ready to trade with NEST on iPhone and Windows Mobile soon.

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