July Updates

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Wow! It's been two months since our last update blog, and it seems like we're living in a whole new world now that the elections are over! But Upstox never sleeps, and we are here to launch an incredible promotional offer to all new customers...

RKSV Exclusive Offer for New Customers: 30 Days of Free Trading

We know that making the decision to join a new broker is never easy. Although we already have some of the best pricing plans in India, we thought we could do something nice for new customers looking to join the RKSV family. That is why we are launching 30 days of free trading! If you become a new RKSV customer by July 31st, you will enjoy 30 days of brokerage free trading (Note: this only applies for the Dream Plan).

If you're an existing customer of ours, take advantage of this promotion by introducing your friends! Remember, by becoming a partner, you earn 10% of all referral brokerage fees paid by your friends for life.

TPIN is Up and Running

After some initial testing, we have successfully launched our Telephonic PIN system for placing Call and Trades. Our TPIN system is easy to use: simply type in your unique TPIN code before each Call and Trade. This authenticates you in a secure and safe fashion. It also gets you to our dealers quicker so you spend less time authenticating yourself. If you have any questions about TPIN and how to use it, feel free to contact us.

It's a Bull Market!

Speaking of running, the markets have been on an incredible surge since the election results were announced in mid May. The BSE Sensex has gone up 13.5% since May 1st! During the same span, the BSE Midcap Index has gone up 29% and the BSE Smallcap Index has gone up a staggering 38%!

Look to take advantage of these opportunities. These types of bull rallies do not come along very often. Be smart and look to diversify your portfolio with large, midcap, and even some smallcap stocks.

BSE Currency Derivatives

Due to user demand, we will be rolling out Currency Derivatives on the BSE in the very near future. With low exchange transaction costs, we will club this into our Currency Derivatives Pro Plan for free. That means that if you're on our Currency Pro Plan, you can trading on both the NSE and BSE Currency Derivatives exchanges for same, flat monthly fee.

Ultimate Plan Customers: Stay Tuned

We've got some exciting news for you soon...:-)


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