IPOs hitting the market in August

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In the last few months, many IPOs have been launched in the market. Not only this, some IPOs like NetWeb Technologies, Utkarsh Small Finance Bank and Cyient DLM have also given very good listing deals to investors.

In august, many IPOs are expected to be launched. Let's quickly find out which are those IPOs. Last week, SBFC Finance Ltd and Concord Biotech's IPO were opened. These will be listed on August 16 and August 18 respectively. If you have applied for this, then do let us know in the comment section below. For more information about them, you can watch our All You Need to Know IPO videos on Upstox’s Youtube channel. Click here!

TVS SCS is a supply chain management services firm which is issuing an IPO that will be opened on 10th August with an issue size of 880 crore rupees. It will be listed on 23rd August. You will get the detailed video of this IPO on Upstox’s youtube channel soon which will have the details about the company and its financials. 

After that, on 18th August, Balaji Specialty Chemicals Ltd IPO with an issue size of Rs. 425 crore is going to be opened. This company manufactures niche chemicals in India. This will be listed on 30th August. Apart from this, we can expect Innova CapTap, Jupiter Lifeline Hospitals, Aeroflex Industries, Vishnu Prakash R. Punglia Limited, Rishabh Instruments, Ebix Cash and Yatra IPOs this month. You will get all the details of the IPOs in a curated playlist on Upstox’s Youtube channel.

Stay tuned for more such updates.

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