Top Chip & Wafer Manufacturing Companies in India

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India’s top chip & wafer manufacturing companies

Love snacking? Here’s some masaledar content for you to snack on! India’s top chip & wafer manufacturing companies as per their market share in 2021.

PepsiCo with 22.1% market share

Despite being launched in 1995 in India, within 5 years PepsiCo's Lay’s overtook its competitor ‘Uncle Chipps’ which was launched in 1992. The magic behind their success? It’s tasty, trendy and pocket friendly! 

  • Tasty

    Lay’s introduced flavours to suit both Indian and Western audiences. Some of these are Magic Masala, Tangy Tomato, Classic Salt, and American Style Cream & Onion.

  • Trendy

    With innovative and catchy taglines their marketing campaigns were truly Dilogical! From ‘No one can eat just one’ to ‘Smile Deke Dekho’ , Lays connected with the audience instantly.

  • Pocket-friendly

    Ranging from ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, to ₹25 a study revealed that more than 72% of people found the price worthy.

ITC with 12.7% market share

Launched in 2007, ITC’s BINGO! scaled up to become a ₹3000 crore+ brand. Reason behind its MAD success?  By offering more quantity at the same price, as compared to its competitors. And by selling it everywhere - from retail outlets, grocery stores, e-commerce platforms to even petti pan-shops.

Balaji Wafers with 10.7% market share

The Viranis, sons of a farmer, were initially involved in the farm equipment business. When that failed, they started working in a theatre canteen in Rajkot. That’s when ‘Balaji Wafers' began. They went from frying chips manually to selling packaged snacks with the ‘Balaji’ Wafers label  all over Maharashtra. As of 2021, Balaji Wafers has over 51 varieties of chips and namkeen products. And it is present across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, parts of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

Haldiram with a 8.4% market share

Haldiram is an 80 year+ old company that sells a wide variety of snacks like traditional namkeens, wafers, Indian sweets, pastries, sherbets, pickles, bhujia and papadum. It forayed into potato-based products after it imported machinery developed for potato-based foods from the United States in the 1990s. And has ever since grown to become one of the top chip & wafer manufacturing companies in India.

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