How to Invest in Gold in India?

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In a country like India, gold has been of cultural significance along with being a financial investment. Over the years, the ways to invest in gold have increased, from physical gold purchases to digital gold options for investments.

Whenever we talk about gold investment, we not only look at it for the purpose of an investment but it also has a sentimental value and there are many ways in India to invest in gold. Let's dive into the ways through which we can invest in gold. 

Sovereign Gold Bonds

First of all, sovereign gold bonds in which anyone can easily invest in. It is issued by RBI and it is purchased in digital form. This means that it is not physically stored in your house or bank. Neither do you have to give any melting or making charges in it. With this, you get a 2.5% interest on it. Plus, you make capital gains which are tax-free. You can easily apply for SGBs on Upstox which only takes a few minutes. Click to read more about Sovereign Gold Bonds:

Gold jewellery

You can also buy gold physically in the form of bars, coins, jewellery and more which is traditionally done. At the time of purchase, one has to pay the melting or making charges as well. In physical gold, hallmarking guarantees its genuine quality. At the time of exchange, the price is considered for pure gold only and the impurities are melted away.

Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs are the mutual funds schemes that invest in physical gold. They are traded on stock exchanges like BSE and NSE. This gives investors the opportunity to own gold in paper form. Gold mutual funds like Debitone mutual funds collect multiple investors'  funds and invest in various gold instruments like gold mining stocks or derivatives. Just keep your investment goals in mind and do your research and invest in the form of gold that suits your goals. 

Have you decided which method to use to invest in gold in India? Watch this space for more such updates. Start your investment journey today with Upstox!

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