GTT Orders: Now on Upstox


It’s a Monday morning, you miss your alarm, and are rushing to work. You’re already late for your 10 AM meeting and have no time to check your trades. Finally, at 1 PM you check your trading app and panic sell your stock at a loss to avoid further losses. But at 3 PM when markets are about to close, the same stock is back UP again! If only you had waited or planned your trades better…

You’re not alone. Like you, many others go through an emotional roller coaster while trading. But here at Upstox, we won’t let that happen.


What is a GTT order?
An order that you can place and forget, we will do the rest!

With GTT all you need to do is - define your buy or sell price; your profit target; and the maximum loss you can incur and leave the rest to us. As soon as each relevant price gets triggered, we will place that order and notify you.

A GTT intraday order is valid till that day, an F&O order is valid till expiry and an Equity Delivery order is valid for a year. So you don’t need to login and place the order every day. Just place and forget, and let us do the rest!

Why place a GTT order?
To trade stress-free!

There are many UPs of using GTT, check them out 

Save Time
Once you place a GTT order, you do not need to track markets every second. Simply place and relax!

🙌Simple To Use
GTT doesn’t involve any complex formulas or jargon.
You just decide whether you wish to place a buy/sell order above, below  or at the current market price. Add a Stop Loss and a Target and place 3 orders at one go!

💸Manage Trades Better

Usually when you buy a stock, you do not place a sell order along with it. But using GTT, along with your buy order you can pre-decide and place 2 sell orders too.

One is a Stop Loss: An order at a price below which you don’t want to make further losses The other is a Target: An order at a price at which you’d like to exit to make profits.

P.S: If you have short-sold a stock, you can place a buy order with a Stop Loss & Target too!

⌛Longer Validity of Orders
GTT orders do not need to be entered everyday. While a GTT Intraday order is valid only for that day. A GTT F&O order is valid till expiry and an Equity Delivery order is valid for 365 days.

So what are you waiting for? Get. Set. And GTT #StartKarkeDekho.

GTT is only available on the new Upstox app, tap below to download our new app.

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Keep in mind: GTT will soon launch on our iOS App! Stay Tuned…

Already on the new app? Don’t forget to update it to start using GTT!

Want to know more about GTT? Watch this video...

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