Mayday!!! Ready for free trading in May?

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Free Trading in May

Have you read the latest news?

It seems that there are some who aren't pleased with the idea that you, the end user, should reap the rewards of low costs and have the savings passed on to you.

You see, most brokers do the opposite: they charge huge brokerage fees and reap the rewards for themselves. It's an amazement that despite the fact that we charge so little on the Dream Plan (5 free trades each month, Rs. 20 per order traded afterward), brokers continue to charge Rs. 50-100 per lot on options and upwards to 5 paisa brokerage on equities!

On an average, we charge 10% per order compared to the "popular" brokers in India. 

And that's why we will continue pushing the pedal and never slow down. In May, we are taking things to a whole new level...

Two is better than One: Double Promo!

We have run free trading promotions on the Dream Plan in the past. We have also run the famous Switch-over Plan (and continue to do so), whereby you get up to Rs. 2000 in brokerage credit by switching over from another broker.

And so we decided to take our two best performing promotions of the past, combine them, and provide them to you during the remainder of May.

Here's how it works!

  1. If you're a new customer on the Dream Plan, all Dream Plan trades are free for the month of May! If you're an existing customer, this is a great way to refer your friends to Upstox and start earning a massive, passive income through our referral program!
  2. If you switch-over from another broker to Upstox by providing a contract note, you get Rs. 2000 credited to your account at the end of the month.

We've run countless promotions, but we have never combined two of them into one! Now is your chance.

For new customers: Send us an email at or call us at 022-6130-9999
For existing customers Send us an email at or call us at 022-6130-9999

After all, two is better than one.

P.S. Get ready for an incredible teaser site in a month that will showcase what we have been quietly working on for the past year and a half 😉


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