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Just yesterday a friend of mine bought his dream car, I remember 5 years ago when he told me that he wanted to buy it and finally the day was here. In bright crimson red his car stood outside his society gate waiting to be taken for a spin. Lucky him, I thought. We drove the car down own our old 'snacking spot' and got to talking. In between sips of chai he told me he had been through a really rough financial patch.

His parents were sick and had surgery twice, his son started college and down went his bank account balance. How then, did he afford the car? the college education, the medical bills and even squeeze in a foreign trip abroad (Thank you Facebook)? He told me all it took was a bit of planning, financial planning.

This was the inspiration to write this video course on TradeAcademy. Raghu, a financial planner and I spoke over the phone and started outlining the course, we added final touches to the content, voila here we have it. This is the best 30 mins you will spend on getting your financial planning straight.
We are not going to tell you to set aside X rupees and watch it grow. NO, we are going to minimize your risk first through insurance, through emergency fund planning and then invest through mutual funds.

I guarantee you will not have to sit with a notebook every week. 1 hour, that is all it will take every quarter to keep you a lean, mean financial planning machine (okay cheesy line).

Begin the course today, and learn to be your own financial planner.

Here is the first lesson
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