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Every trader needs a smart platform to trade. By smart, I mean a one-stop shop for all your trading needs. One that gives you the much-valued trading support but also provides you a wide variety of useful tools. Market stats, price alerts, live news feed--you name it and the perfect trading platform makes it available for you! It’s almost an extension of your trading powers.

We have tied up with iDarts to provide you with one of the best desktop trading platforms in the world. Dartstock is the one you need to know about. It brings you a number of features that improve your overall trading experience.

Take a look at what’s in store for you.

Scanners: It comes with four predefined scanners which are:

  • Trend scanners
  • Live scanners
  • Open vs. high/low
  • Opportunity finders

These scanners help you set particular criteria and find the right stocks that meet your criteria, from the entire universe!




Market stats: Always keep a tab on live trading sessions. With widgets like Top Gainers and Losers, Support and Resistance watch, Intraday Recovery/Fall and Heat maps you get to see which stock is progressing and what factors are driving the market.





F&O tools: The futures and options tools are designed for the pro traders. You will get to see actions in futures, rollover contracts, futures spread info, gainers and losers in open interest, option payoff graphs, option calculator and option chain/tools. This gives a unique space for the F&O trader to cut through all the noise and save time while trading.



Charting: Charts have always been the talking point of any platform. Here with Dartstock you can pop out multiple charts, set indicators/chart types/intervals, draw patterns with study lines and tools. It also plots graphs based on custom intervals.



Trading support: You are allowed to place simple intraday and equity delivery orders. It also supports placing Cover Orders and Spread orders. All other activities like order, trade, position books and holdings will be visible. Also it allows you to view and transfer funds.




With all that said there are the few more features that you can get with Dartstock: setting price alerts, link to MS Excel, viewing global markets indices, live market turnover history, FII and DII activities, to name a few.

For traders like you, who prefer to trade the Upstox way, we are offering Dartstock for FREE! Only for a limited time though. We want you to get a hang of it.

Download your copy if you are already an Upstox customer and make the most of it. We have listed all the details in our partner platforms section.

Take a tour of the platform and explore it for yourself! Get started before you miss the bus.

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