Why some brokers have network issues, and others (like RKSV) don't!

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The importance of having your own network infrastructure

Ever notice that during times of high volatility, certain brokers have a difficult time coping with getting you the data as quickly as possible? The data is a tad bit slow and response times are late?

To a trader, this can cause one to pull his hair out in frustration.

This post will talk about our thoughts on network architecture sharing, and why RKSV prides itself on being a technology company first and foremost.

One word sums up our philosophy with regards to technology: efficiency.

Many brokers decide to cut costs by outsourcing their network hosting to a shared model. This means that their trading infrastructure is being shared by other brokers. This means that their trading uptime is susceptible to factors outside of their own control, which to us seems like a dangerous value proposition. Yes, the broker may save on costs and headaches, but if your core competency is technology, you will not allow your network infra at the server level to be shared by others.

RKSV has its own dedicated data center. We have a dedicated team to ensure near 100% up-time. Our internet leased lines are 100% ours; they are not shared with others in any way. We never have to worry about other brokers who may be sharing internet bandwidth, who use up more bandwidth than usual.

This especially happens during peak trading periods. It is during peak volatility that you see the robustness of a network setup. Can your broker handle peak loads? Do they go down right when the best trades can be placed?

RKSV has the luxury of employing a custom setup to ensure drastically more uptime than a standard Thomson Reuters NEST backend setup. We have customized auto fail-over logic at multiple levels, improvements that dramatically increases trading infra up-time.

When you trade with RKSV, we dedicate all of our bandwidth and network resources to you.

And only you 🙂


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