40/40 Year End Bonanza : It's Time for You to Start Earning!

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How would you answer the following question: "How do you feel about RKSV's products and services?"

If you would answer positively, then you need to read this blog.

You're about to learn about our powerful new referral tool that allows you to earn an amazing passive  monthly income for life.

And it starts off right now with the 40/40 End of the Year Bonanza. Enjoy 🙂

It's all about Referrals

If you think about why you purchase a certain item over another- say, ordering an item from Flipkart over another store or website, there was a reason for why you made that decision. It's not just marketing! You have either had a positive experience, or many times, one of your friends or family told you about a positive experience they had.

That is how RKSV grew since we launched in 2012: through word of mouth. RKSV  already has a great referral program that many of our customers use. But as we approach our 3 year anniversary mark, we wanted to end the year with a huge bang...

Introducing the 40/40 Referral Bonanza

How it Works

Through Dec 31st of 2014, for each friend you refer to RKSV, you will earn 40% of all brokerage fees paid by him. In addition, your friend also earns 40% of the brokerage fees.

Examples are always the best way to explain anything, so let's use one right now.

Suppose in November you are able to convince 25 of your best friends to join RKSV's Zero Brokerage Pro Plan for trading Securities (each friend pays a monthly fee of 3,999).

Therefore, in December, you earn 25 x 3,999 x 40% = Rs. 40,000.
Each of your friends earns Rs. 1,600 (in total, they earn Rs. 40,000)

The best part is that, moving forward, you continuously earn 10% referral from your friends for life!

Sounds Great! But How do I refer ALL my friends?

We all know that Gmail has become the most popular email service. Additionally, it seems that everybody is now on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linkedin.

We thought about how we could utilize Gmail and social networking and create a powerful referral tool that would allow our users to easily refer their friends. And that is exactly what we did!

We created a powerful Referral Center that allows you to refer hundreds of people in minutes. Ready to learn exactly what to do in order to start earning? Just follow these instructions.

Step 1: Login to Keystone
Keystone is your backoffice. Go to keystone.rksv.in and type in your UCC and password.
(Note: You need to be an RKSV customer to be able to login. Go to www.rksv.in/new to open an account)

Step 2: Click on Referral Center
Just click on that box that says "Referral Center"

Step 3: Add your Gmail Friends
Click on the "Gmail" icon and allow Keystone to access your Gmail contacts so that it can pull them up. Select all the friends you want to invite. You can also click on "Add Friend" to add friends manually. When you're ready,  click "Next".

Step 4: Go through the Template
We send out an email template to all the friends you selected, as shown below. This is what your friends will be seeing when they see their Inbox. Notice that in this one, 677 recipients will be receiving this email- and these are your direct friends! Click "Next" after you're done reading it.

Step 5: Click on the final button (the envelope button) to send the email out!

And that's it! Your 677 friends will have an email in their Inbox in minutes.

What's the Next Step? How do I ensure that my friends are mapped to me?

We get this question asked dozens of times daily!

The answer, surprisingly, is 4 characters long: it's your unique, 4 character Referral Code!

You will notice that in the Referral Centre, on the left, there is a link for "My Referral Code". It will look like this.

With the emails you send through the Gmail tool, we have developed the Referral Centre in such a way that whenever any of your friends reply to the email, your 4 digit code is mapped to your friend's email address. In our example, if any of the 677 friends replied to the email, he is automatically mapped to the referrer.

How can I utilize my 4 digit Referrer code?

This is the best part: you can use the 4 digit code anywhere!

This is your, unique, 4 digit referral code along with your unique Referral URL that contains the 4 digit code. You can paste that URL anywhere. Anybody that clicks on it will be mapped to you automatically, and when he opens up an account you automatically become his referrer for life. 

Suppose you want to share the 4 digit code on Facebook, and you want to promote the Dream Plan. All you need to do is select Dream Plan from the drop down, and then click on that facebook icon next to the referral code. Do you see it? This one, right here.

If you are logged into Facebook, you will see something like this. Feel free to mess around and type in a funky message that attracts your friends! Something like this, for example:


And voila, all your hundreds/thousands of facebook friends will see this on your wall. When they click on it, they will be taken to the page you selected and automatically mapped under you.

Cool, what else can I do with my 4 digit code?

We have customers who have created their own websites that redirects traffic to their unique URL. Others have created banners for their websites.

The URL is yours. Be creative and share it on all your social networking sites, your website, anywhere on the internet!

This sounds great....but how much money can I really make?

Alright, let's take another example. Suppose you refer 10 friends to the Pro Plan in November, and 5 friends to the Pro Plan monthly after that. Here's what your earnings would look like one year from now.


In one year, you're making a cool Rs. 25,000 monthly and have accumulated ~Rs. 2 Lakhs. That's the power of exponential growth.

How do I check my earnings in Keystone?

It's easy! Just click on "Earnings Report" on the left in Referral Centre. You can select the financial year and select exactly how you want the report to be shown. Here's a report of a client from Oct 1st through November 5th. Pretty neat, right?

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and get started! After all, you've got a Bonanza waiting for you.

Best of luck.



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