2021 IPO Round up- Those that made a debut this year!

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While we have been avoiding the public for 2 years due to the pandemic, companies surely haven’t shied away from going public. And like Bollywood, the market has welcomed all these debuts with open arms, giving them a platform to perform. Some delivered great hits and some didn't live up to the hype and expectations. So let’s review the year that was…


🤑 The 100 Crore+ Club (Aka the diamonds in the rough)

IPOs with issue sizes over ₹100 crore but less than ₹200 crore that have delivered exponentially high returns

  • Paras Defence  ▲294%
  • Nureca ▲250%
  • Sigachi Industries ▲144%


Naam Toh Suna Hoga (Aka the famous ones)

Popular brands that we have all seen, heard, shopped or spoken about at some point in our lives which are currently moving UPwards

  • Nykaa ▲84%
  • Zomato ▲72%
  • Lodha ▲160%


🎥 The Blockbuster Hits (Aka highest grossing in terms of returns)

First day, first show and tickets to these IPOs were all sold out giving the lucky ones the following listing returns

  • Sigachi Industries ▲270%
  • Paras Defence ▲185% 
  • Latent View ▲169%


💣 The Box Office Bombs (Aka the ones that didn’t deliver as per expectations)

Contrary to popular belief, here are the few companies that tanked after listing

  • Paytm ▼-27%
  • Kalyan Jewellers ▼-13%
  • Metro Brands -1%


😴 Sleeper Hits (Aka the ones that got away with a poor listing day but…)

After being noticed by a few savvy investors, they shot UP

  • Lodha
    Listing day gains: -5% | Current day gains: ▲160%
  • Anupam Rasayan
    Listing day gains: -5% | Current day gains: ▲61%
  • Easy Trip Planners
    Listing day gains: ▲11% | Current day gains: ▲181%


🤝 Janmo ke Saathi (Aka the long-term picks)

A few strong brands from different sectors that have done well so far and enjoy a sustainable demand with unique USPs.

  • Nykaa ▲84%
  • Go Colors ▲57%
  • Barbeque Nation ▲152%


💻 Ditching the BIG SCREEN to go OTT (Aka the ones that made a splash on the SME Exchange)

Did you know for small and mid sized companies with smaller issue sizes and budgets there is a separate exchange called the SME Exchange. Here are a few of those IPOs and what they’re UP to -

  • EKI Energy Services ▲7527%
  • Expand Prevest Denpro ▲279%
  • Knowledge Marine ▲257%


🎉 Picture, Abhi Baaki Hai…

2021 may be over but just like movies, IPOs will never go out of style! UPcoming IPOs that you should stay tuned for in 2022

  • LIC
  • Oyo Rooms
  • PharmEasy
  • Go Airlines

Note: *All percent changes based on 24 December 2021 (noon time). 

For listing day gains percent changes as per closing price on listing day. 

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