1MarketView offers reliable market data to Upstox clients


At Upstox, we are always striving to offer our clients reliable market data, tools, information and knowledge required to trade better and smarter. CDP India Pvt. Ltd. believes in making reliable and accurate market data available for all. In order to give our Upstox clients the chance to use sophisticated charting tools along with unbeatable brokerage we launched the Bridge for AmiBroker and also partnered with platforms such as FoxTrader.


CDP India Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized NSE data vendor that provides real-time and reliable market data. Their product 1MarketView is designed to cater to different types of trades and investors. It offers accurate and fast stock market data along with technical analysis and data analysis tools.

You can use charting tools like AmiBroker seamlessly with the data feed from 1MarketView and at the same time use the Upstox trading platform to place complex orders in real time. 

Features of 1MarketView: 

  • A simple plug-in set up the process. 
  • Uninterrupted data feed that is authorized by a national exchange such as the NSE
  • Live data for futures & options and cash equity segment. 
  • Data plug-in can be connected with AmiBroker.
  • A tick by tick update of live market movement and backfill provided within a 1-minute time frame.
  • Easy-to-understand data visualization and simple UI.

3-Day FREE trial of 1MarketView Jaguar: 

1MarketView is offering a 3-day free trial of 1MarketView Jaguar exclusively for Upstox customers. Post this trial period you can access their data packages at special discount prices.

Check out the discounted prices here

How to Sign Up for the trial:

  • Submit all the details requested on this page
  • Minimum requirements prior to using 1MarketView products: 
  • AmiBroker version 5.2 onwards
  • Hardware requirements:
  • If you are behind the firewall, you will need to grant access to our IP address and open few ports so that you can access our data. For more details, please send mail to admin@1marketview.com
  • You will need to grant 'all access' to AmiBroker and our applications through your Windows Firewalls, Anti-virus, external firewalls installed by your Anti-virus programs.
  • Your computer must be set to timezone India (GMT/UTC + 5:30).

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing 1MarketView on your computer.

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