100+ indicators to trade with on Upstox Pro Mobile


Many technical traders know that indicators are crucial to making a trading decision. We're excited to share that over 100 indicators can now be used on Upstox Pro on your mobile phone.

The newest update (1.4.8) contains a wide range of studies that you can use to trade on the go. These include popular requests such as:

  • ADX
  • ATR
  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • Super Trend
  • Money Flow Index

Additionally, you can also place cover orders with a limit price on Upstox Pro mobile. Cover Order with Limit Price and all the indicators will be on iOS by the end of the month.

Fresh UI for Upstox Web


On the Web, we have refreshed the user interface to be much cleaner and fluid. Charting is much more powerful with a host of drawing tools readily available. We also have moved indices to the top right of the platform so that general market movement can be tracked easier.

As a trader, it's important that key information is visible in front of you. We cleaned up the background images to make prices and numbers more legible.

Fresh chart interface and tools on Upstox Pro Web

What's Next?

On the web, you will soon be able to right-click on the item and open a chart. You will also be able to drag-and-drop scrips from any component onto the chart to load it instantly.

For mobile, we are refreshing the UI for iOS for a better experience. The next update will be better suited for smaller and larger iPhones. We will also add 100+ indicators, index charts, price alerts, push notifications to iOS shortly.

  • Nikhil

    The daily chart is not updating, and also daily candles are not forming at the end of the day also you can see that in your mobile this is the biggest problem in app . if you had three or more indicators you can’t able to c what kind of candles are forming I mean you can’t able to see what kind of candle it is accurately is it shooting star is it spinning top because the candle sizes decreased when you add two or more indicators. I am using 5.5 inches screen although I am facing this problem underneath the chart there is a action bar allows to choose indicators, in earlier versions before 3 months are 4 months back it is not there it is there but it appears when I click there and disappears after 10 seconds so chart size increases automatically, so please remove that bar so Chart size increases little bit( the bar placed horizontally underneath the chart that we can choose indicators and we can draw) I hope you can understand my problem thank you. And also I hope that I will get solution to my problem as soon as possible. And also if you can can you see why daily candle is not there at least at the end of day .

    • Hey Nikhil,

      First of all thanks for your feedback. Active users like you help make our platform better!

      I’ll take a look at the daily chart – sounds like it should be working but maybe there’s a bug somewhere.

      On the suggestion of making the action bar disappear – will also take a look at how we can get it out of your way so you get the whole screen space to analyze charts.


      • Nikhil

        Have you seen daily chart as I informed ,found any solution for it? It’s not updating real-time , to me this is like I am benefiting only1/4 th from upstox…. I prefer daily chart mostly but throughout the day and until 7pm it’s not updating….

        • This is really odd. We haven’t had this issue being reported by anyone else. Is your system clock set to IST (Indian Standard Time)? Are you outside India?


  • Vinay Kumar Singh

    There is no time ticking on the platform. Somehow my system was showing different time then the actual time. Try to add that as well.

    • Hey Vinay,

      Did you mean the mobile or the web platform? And you wanted to see something like server time on the platform?

      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Vinay Kumar Singh

        Hi Shrini,
        This could be any [I am using Desktop as UPSTOX is not available on Windows]. Imagine if I am in USA for sometime and trading on this platform. I need to do something to see time.


        • Got it. We’ll put it on our roadmap.

          Thanks for the suggestion Vinay.

  • Ibrahim Abbasi

    is there any small cap/midcap recommendation for long term.
    there is no information on long term investment ?? upstox is doing only for intraday ?

  • Alex Prabhu

    Chart shrinks while adding the Pivot Point indicator. The chart on the left is without the Pivots and
    on the right is with Pivots. Needs to be corrected. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2502f7333e50015c0c345d4f9cbfd31ee7c50f33a6d7047ac347484504b9ea63.png

  • Rajesh Reddy

    If we add PIVOT points to the chart, Chart shrinks so badly and not usable.