What are growth plan mutual funds? How can I invest in one?

Growth plan mutual funds are those that concentrate on capitalising from appreciation in the capital markets. Hence, such a fund does not include those companies that give dividends. A growth-focused mutual fund's portfolio has those industries that show growth in the above-average category. Most of these companies are usually under research and development or mergers and acquisition.

Additionally, growth-oriented companies invest their profits in advanced technology. As an investor, you should identify your personal style and preferences. If you want to associate with companies that have a high market capitalisation, then Growth Plan Mutual Funds might be a choice for you.

How to use Upstox MF platform for investing in Growth Plan Mutual Funds?

In order to choose from the variety of growth plan mutual funds out of the more than 2,000 mutual funds offered on Upstox Mutual Funds platform, make sure you open an Upstox demat account. 

Visit the Upstox MF platform under Support tab on Upstox homepage. Then, click Browse All Funds hyperlink and use the filters mentioned in the search bar. You can tailor your search according to your needs. Your financial goals can justify investments in growth-focused mutual funds. Choose the fund you are interested in and study the details to understand the fund portfolio.

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