IDBI Bank Mobile Banking & How to Activate: Login, Registration, & App

With an intent to provide convenient and hassle-free banking services, IDBI Bank has launched its mobile banking app GO Mobile+. With IDBI mobile banking you can opt for a hassle-free and seamless fund transfer, account enquiry, bill payments, and much more. Moreover, this app is safe and developed with easy features. Check out the following sections till the end to know the features, benefits, and services of this app in detail!

What are the Features of IDBI Mobile Banking?

IDBI mobile banking app, GO Mobile+ App, is available on Apple App Store and Google Play. If you are an IDBI bank account holder, you can download this app to continue hassle-free mobile banking. Take a look below to know the essential features of IDBI mobile banking App:

  •       Multiple Banking Services

Like any other mobile banking app, GO Mobile+ offers you multiple banking facilities as follows:

  1. You can use it to check your account balance, mini-statement, account statement, and details.
  2. Use it for transferring funds through IMPS, MMID, and NEFT.
  3. Recharge your prepaid mobiles, DTH, and OTT subscriptions and pay your bills using GO Mobile+.
  4. You can check your Demat holdings as well as transaction details.
  5. Use it for raising Aadhaar linking requests.
  6. You can also use it for controlling Debit Card features such as hotlisting, setting the card on or off, etc. 
  7. Register for receiving account statements via mail.
  8. You can request a Cheque Book through mobile banking.
  •       Advanced UI

IDBI mobile banking app features an updated user interface which helps in an optimised and personalised service. It is designed with multiple features and icons for better accessibility. Moreover, you can personalise the home screen with your picture and change the display theme as per preference.

  •       Operate Multiple Accounts

You can manage multiple accounts with a single login through this mobile banking app. Multiple accounts do not refer to different bank accounts. It means all your IDBI Bank relationships like a bank account, Demat account, credit cards, etc., can be managed through this single app.

  •       Additional Features

This application brings you some more options other than the general features. You can find Products, Calculators, Interest Rates, Apply Now, Contact Us, etc., options on the pre-login screen. 

How to Register for IDBI Mobile Banking?

You can register for IDBI mobile banking in the following two ways:


  •       You can register your mobile number by sending a simple SMS.
  •       Type MBREG <SPACE><Customer ID> and send it to 9560853000.
  •       Your mobile number will be soon registered for mobile banking, and you can activate it shortly.

Channel Registration Form

  •       Visit IDBI Bank’s official website and download the Channel Registration Form
  •       Fill up the necessary details as per requirement.
  •       Submit the registration form to the nearest IDBI Bank branch.
  •       Once the registration procedure is carried out successfully, you will receive an activation message on the registered mobile number.
  •       Visit and create your password by clicking on ‘Set Password Online’.
  •       Finally, visit for IDBI mobile banking login.

How to Activate IDBI Mobile Banking?

Here are the steps to follow for activating IDBI mobile banking on your smartphone:

  •       Download the GO Mobile+ app and install it on your smartphone.
  •       Click on ‘Activate App’
  •       Enter your Customer ID for verification.
  •       An SMS will be sent from the app to verify your registered mobile number.
  •       Set your MPIN after the verification process is done.
  •       Enter your Customer ID and MPIN on the login page.
  •       Authenticate your bank account by feeding our Net Banking or Debit Card credentials.
  •       After IDBI mobile banking activation and details validation, you can log in to the app and receive the SMS confirmation.

What are the Benefits of IDBI Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking has been quite popular in today's busy world. People these days hardly get time to visit the bank. Thus, mobile banking serves a lot to facilitate banking operations as per your convenience. Here are some of the benefits of IDBI mobile banking:

  •       It is time-saving and easy to use.
  •       You can conduct all banking operations like checking account balances, deposit enquiries, chequebook requests, etc.
  •       You can select your preferred language from multiple options.
  •       Helps you transfer funds easily in a few clicks.
  •       You can get the nearest branch’s location easily from this app.
  •       Services provided by this app are not chargeable.

What are the Do’s and Dont’s of IDBI Mobile Banking?

Here are some of the points you must carefully consider while using the IDBI mobile banking app:

  •       Your password must be strong enough to stay protected against safety breaches. Make sure you use special characters and alphanumeric words to enhance its strength.
  •       Keep your mobile secured with a unique password and don't share it with anyone.
  •       Always log out from the mobile banking app after completing your transaction.
  •       Keep on changing the password frequently to ensure added safety.
  •       In case of phone loss or theft, report it immediately to the nearest police station.

Here are some of the practices you must avoid while using the IDBI mobile banking app:

  •       Avoid sharing your ID password with anyone and do not write it anywhere.
  •       Do not add an unknown account to the beneficiary.
  •       Avoid using public Wi-Fi or other shared networks for bank transactions.
  •       Do not entertain hoax calls, emails, or SMS.
  •       Do not change your contact information without informing the bank.

Bottom Line

So, IDBI bank account holders can now conduct banking operations conveniently by downloading the mobile banking app. IDBI mobile banking app is a user-friendly tool offering easy access to hassle-free financial services. However, make sure you follow the guidelines properly while using this app for safe and secure transactions.

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