How to Check IOB (Indian Overseas Bank) Balance Via Toll-Free Number, Mobile Banking, ATM

What is the Indian Overseas Bank Balance Check Toll-Free Number?

Indian Overseas Bank Balance By Balance Check Number 9210622122

IOB, or Indian Overseas Bank, is another name for one of India's most prominent state-owned banks. This bank was founded in the 1930s. IOB was one of 14 major banks controlled by the Government of India at the time of its nationalization. By 2022, the bank will have about 3,200 domestic branches, four overseas branches, and one representative office.

The bank offers a wide range of services both online and in branches. You can check account balances, pay bills, get mini-statements, and check bankbooks using your bank's SMS, call, and app services. 

This article describes different ways to check your IOB account balance. There are 6 different ways through which you can check the IOB bank balance. These methods include checking bank balance by IOB balance check number, mobile banking, internet banking, SMS, ATM, passbook UPI and USSD. Lastly, we will be talking about why you should check your IOB bank balance. Let's talk about these methods in detail.

Methods To Check The Balance Of IOB

Here are several useful ways to find out your IOB balance-

  1. IOB Balance By IOB Balance Check Number

Free services are available to IOB customers using the IOB bank balance check number. You need to make a missed call to 9210622122 from a registered mobile phone. You will receive an SMS with your bank account details shortly after the missed call is made. You must register an account with your mobile phone number to use the IOB balance check number missed call feature. You can check the balance of your IOB account after completing the registration procedure with your IOB balance check mobile number.

  1. Mobile Banking For IOB Balance Inquiry

IOB account holders can use their registered mobile phone to sign up for IOB mobile banking applications such as IOB Mobile, IOB mPassbook, and IOB Nanban.

  • IOB Mobile: IOB customers accustomed to conducting financial transactions on their mobile devices will find this app easy to use. Banking services such as bank statements, IOB balance checks, IMPS, money transfers, RTGS, NEFT, and bill payments are provided through IOB Mobile. To use this app, you need to register for mobile banking.
  • IOB mPassbook: IOB users can access their online savings account to check account balances and transaction information. It lists both credit and direct debit transactions for IOB customers. Unlike a physical passbook, account holders always have an overview of current account balances and do not need to go to the bank for updates.
  • IOB Nanban: Many people want to use online or mobile banking but cannot do so due to poor English skills. For these IOB customers, the IOB Nanban multilingual app is a helpful solution as it allows them to conduct financial transactions in their language of choice.
  1. IOB Internet Banking Services Balance Inquiry

Available to customers with a current, savings, or deposit account. IOB customers must register for an Internet Banking account to use this service. The service can be used for various financial operations, such as checking account balances, paying taxes directly, paying utility bills, recharging mobile phones, and more. This service is available for individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships, trusts, LLPs, corporations, and HUF.

An account balance check can now be performed:

  1. Use your credentials to access your net banking account on your official website. When you register, you will be issued a user ID and password.
  2. Select the relevant service on the dashboard.
  3. Select Balance Query to view your account balance. You can also view past trades and mini-statements for a specific period.
  1. IOB Balance Check Toll-Free Number For SMS

IOB customers can SMS 8424022122 from their designated mobile phones to inquire about their account balance. The correct format is "BAL followed by the last 4 digits of the account number". Your account balance will be sent by SMS from your bank.

  1. IOB ATM Balance Check

Cardholders can check balances at IOB ATMs. Customers simply insert their ATM card, enter their ATM PIN, select a balance inquiry option, and complete the transaction. In addition, you can view your 10 most recent account transactions using the mini-statement option. The ATM printed receipt contains details of the last 10 account transactions. Both IOB bank ATMs and non-IOB ATMs will provide you with this mode of balance inquiry.

  1. IOB Passbook Balance Check

If a customer prefers offline banking or is not enrolled in net banking, they can check their savings account balance with the help of the passbook. A user always has a passbook at home, so it is one of the easy ways to check account balances. However, the customer should ensure that the savings book is regularly updated to maintain a complete inventory of all transactions made by the account holder and always reflects the latest value. This is not a viable alternative for those who do not regularly visit the bank to update their savings book or those who travel and cannot check their savings book.

  1. IOB Balance Check Via UPI

For an IOB bank balance via UPI, you have to follow the following steps-

  • Open any UPI app on your smartphone.
  • Enter the generated code.
  • Choose the account for which you want to know the balance.
  • Choosing Check Balance.
  • Enter the created UPI PIN.
  • The balance will appear on the screen following the entry of the UPI PIN.
  1. IOB Balance Inquiry By USSD Code

Customers can use the USSD Code to check their IOB balance even if they don't know how to use new technologically driven methods or don't have access to the internet or a smartphone. You'll have to know the bank's USSD code and then follow the steps below in order to access your account information.

Note- You should use a registered mobile number for this.

  1. Dial *99*52# from the phone's dial pad.
  2. Pick a language in which you feel most comfortable.
  3. Enter the two-digit bank code or the IFSC (International Financial Services Code).
  4. Lastly, from the drop-down option, choose "Send."

Why Should You Check Your Iob Bank Balance-

One of account holders' most common actions is checking their balance. These can be myriad personal reasons for the action. With technological advancement, checking bank balances is not a tall task at all. 

There are many reasons to use the IOB Balance Check Service. Before sending money to someone, you can check if there is enough money in your account. They can be sure that the money has been credited to their accounts and that the checks they deliver have been cleared. You can check if they received the outstanding money. You can also evaluate whether the amounts shown in your account are within your expectations. If not, you should check your bank statements to ensure no unauthorized transactions were made.

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