SBI ATM PIN Generate

  • Do you need to swipe your debit/credit card at PoS?
  • Do you need to withdraw cash at an ATM?
  • Do you need to access your netbanking account?
  • Do you need to order a new cheque book, stop payment of a cheque or change your coordinates ( email id, phone number, mailing address)?

In all these scenarios, you need to generate a PIN- a four digit number, a security code for identifying you and verifying your financial transaction. Without the PIN, you will not be able to access your debit/credit card or withdraw cash from an ATM.

Let us take an empirical example of SBI ATM PIN.

This 4-digit code can be generated for both new and existing account holders of SBI through various banking channels such as:

  • Green PIN
  • SMS Banking
  • Customer care
  • Netbanking

1. Green PIN- code generation

To generate the 4- digit code via the Green PIN channel, you need to follow a series of simple steps:

  • Drop by to your closest SBI ATM and select the PIN generation tab on the screen.
  • Now type your 11 digit account details, followed by your registered mobile number and click on the ‘confirm tab.
  • Another screen opens up, acknowledging you for becoming a part of this green initiative.
  • You will then receive a validation message, once the PIN has been generated. 
  • Subsequently, an OTP would be sent on your registered mobile number carrying a validity of 2 days.
  • Finally, with the OTP details, just drop by the nearest ATM and press the  ‘Banking>PIN Change’ option and type the OTP details.

2. SMS channel- PIN  generation 

Just follow these simple steps to generate the code via the mobile banking channel.

Use the syntax  PIN <XXXX> <YYYY> and send an SMS to 567676 from your registered mobile number.

  •  <XXXX> implies the last four digits of the ATM card 
  •  <YYYY> implies the last four digits of account Number.
  • You will then receive an OTP which would be valid for 2 days. Within that time frame, you have to visit your closest ATM to generate the PIN

3. Customer care - PIN  generation 

Just call the bank's toll-free coordinates  from the registered mobile number 

  • 1800 1234
  • 1800 2100
  • 1800 425 3800
  • 1800 11 2211

Now through the interactive route, choose your preferred language and then select the ATM and Prepaid Card option by pressing ‘2’

  • Now to generate the ATM PIN, press ‘1.’
  • Now type the ATM Card details and validate your card number by pressing ‘1’.
  • You then key in your 11 digit account number and confirm the account number by pressing ‘1’.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile carrying a validity for 2 days.
  • You can then drop by at your nearest  ATM within the span of two days and then press the ‘Banking > PIN Change’ tab to enter the OTP which has been sent  on your registered mobile number.
  • Simply follow the instructions on the screen to  reset the PIN.

4. Netbanking - PIN  generation 

Simply log in to your bank's official web portal and navigate through the menu to select the tab on ' PIN generate'.

An important point to note is to keep your mobile number updated with your  bank as the OTP would be sent on that number only.


Do I have to pay any service charge for activating my SBI ATM PIN?

This PIN generation service on a newly issued debit card is absolutely free across the various activation channels such as ATM, net Banking or with mobile banking ( SMS) or by visiting your nearest branch (customer care).

Is it possible to reset my ATM PIN?

Yes, you can reset your 4 digit code, any number of times via net banking, mobile banking app, ATM, SMS, or dialling the toll-free number.

Why is it important to generate an ATM PIN?

The 4- digit PIN is essentially a unique identification number that is ascribed to each cardholder which authenticates that the  transactions have been carried out by the authorised owner of the card. Therefore this 4-digit code is necessary before carrying out any transaction via your debit card. Infact, your debit card PIN is also your ATM PIN which you use to take out cash from the ATM.

What are some of the important dos and don'ts to keep in mind with regards to the PIN?

  • Do Not share your four digit code with anybody
  • Do Not enter the wrong permutation and combination of your code as, beyond the threshold number of attempts, your card and account would get blocked on grounds of security.
  • Always keep resetting your 4-digit at regular intervals.
  • Try to keep the code combination as cryptic as possible. Avoid the usual traps of date of birth etc.

What is my 'go-to' option in a situation where I have forgotten my PIN?

In such a scenario, step one is to check your bank's web portal to see if there is an option to generate a new PIN online. Else, you may request your bank to generate a new code for you.

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