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Tick By Tick Data

Don't miss out on any data point

Tick-by-Tick powered charts have accurate highs and lows compared to Snapshot charts and is FREE for all Upstox customers

Tick By Tick DataSnapshot Data

Tick By Tick vs. Snapshot

Understand the difference between charts powered by these two data feeds

Tick By Tick

Snapshot (Regular)

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Every single trade executed


Sample trades per second

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No data point is missed out ensuring accuracy in pattern recognition and price triggers


Snapshot data captures limited trades per second leading to inaccuracies in the LTP

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Traditionally used by

High-frequency traders, algorithmic trading systems, arbitrageurs, market makers

Traditionally used by

Retail traders

Tick By Tick charting data is free for all Upstox customers

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*Source: Dalal Street Investment Journal