HDFC Payzapp

HDFC Payzapp: Features, Eligibility, Terms & Conditions

HDFC Bank is one of India's largest private-sector banks. The bank has always been at the forefront of innovation. HDFC Payzapp is the latest in the series of innovative product launches by HDFC Bank. It is a quick, convenient, and secure e-wallet app that allows HDFC Bank customers and users to conduct various financial transactions using their mobile devices.

The following sections explain what HDFC Bank Payzapp is, its login process, features, and ways to contact HDFC customer care

HDFC Payzapp: What Is It?

HDFC Payzapp, a.k.a PayZapp for Business (™), is a mobile banking app that enables users to send money from their bank account, card account, or wallet to another person's wallet, card account, or bank account conveniently and quickly. Payzapp for Business is offered to customers through ASP (Application Service Provider) arrangements via many delivery channels. Payzapp's partnership with bank networks, card networks, allied cards, and multiple other payment schemes facilitates seamless money transfers. HDFC Payzapp is also known as PayZapp for Business Programme, PayZapp for Business Service, and PayZapp for Business because it has applied for various classes of trademarks with the Registry of Trade Marks.

The HDFC Payzapp app offers innovative services like bill payments, Person-to-Person personal payments, and merchant payments to customers of HDFC Bank and other banks. For non-HDFC Bank customers using the Payzapp app, it is the sponsor bank facilitating the transactions. Users can log in to their HDFC Payzapp account to recharge their mobile phones, make bill payments or BharatQR payments, recharge their FASTag, shop online, buy movie tickets, purchase groceries, etc. The HDFC Payzapp app is BharatQR-enabled and supports payments via MasterPass QR, Rupay QR, and mVisa QR. You can also use the Payzapp UPI handle for making instant payments at online shopping websites, merchant establishments, food delivery apps, ticket booking websites, and the like. Therefore, HDFC Payzapp provides one-click transactions for multiple services conveniently.

Which Transactions Can HDFC Payzapp Users Make?

By logging in to the HDFC Payzapp app, users can make the following transactions: 

  • Pay utility bills, such as electricity, water, gas, broadband, cylinder, landline, etc.
  • Recharge mobile phones, data cards, and DTH.
  • Place orders from major grocery stores like Grofers, BigBasket, Supr Daily, etc.
  • Order any food or dish from Swiggy, Zomato, FreshMenu, and Domino's.
  • Shop the best apparel from top brands on Myntra.
  • Make society and rent payments via reputed property broking platforms like MagicBricks and NoBroker.
  • Recharge FASTag with every popular service provider.
  • Purchase Google Play recharge coupons at discounted prices.
  • Make insurance premium payments.
  • Buy bus, train, flight, and movie tickets.
  • Pay for hotel reservations.
  • Send money and receive money from any bank account holder 24x7x365.
  • Send money from one bank account to another.
  • Send money from the user's Payzapp account to another user's Payzapp account.

What are the Best Features of HDFC Payzapp?

Besides facilitating smooth person-to-person and merchant payments, the HDFC Bank Payzapp also provides the following features to its users:

  • Seamless Card Linking - Depositing money in an e-wallet is often arduous. You have to enter your card details or log in to your internet banking account by entering your credentials every time you deposit money. However, HDFC Payzapp takes away all of these troubles. You can conveniently link your credit or debit card once and pay as often as needed without loading or topping up your Payzapp e-wallet. Moreover, the card details entered by you are 100% secure since they are not stored on any transacting site or mobile phone. HDFC Payzapp uses a proprietary security technology that performs three security checks for every transaction.
  • One-Click Payments - You can enjoy the convenience of one-click payments with HDFC Payzapp. You can send money, pay bills, or recharge in just one click and transact from anywhere, anytime. 
  • Attractive Offers - Besides offering you the facility to make bill payments, account transfers, and mobile/ DTH recharges, HDFC Payzapp also provides exclusive Prepaid card offers and discounts on bus tickets, flight tickets, hotel bookings, online groceries, and travel. You can also get incredible offers with SmartBuy to save money every time you buy something. 
  • Easy Savings Account Opening - HDFC Payzapp users can conveniently open feature-rich savings account to perform banking transactions. You can apply for Debit and Credit Cards, invest in high-interest fixed deposits, send money abroad, and avail of branch banking services.
  • Secure Transaction - HDFC Payzapp never stores your banking, credit card credentials, or mobile phone and does not share with partner merchants. Moreover, you can protect your transactions and account with a 4 to 12-digit long password.
  • Responsive Customer Service - HDFC Bank offers a super-responsive customer care facility to Payzapp users. You can call 1800-102-9426, email, or text 'PAYZAPP' to 5675712.
  • Compatible App - The HDFC Bank Payzapp app is compatible with Android 5.0+ and Apple smartphones with App Store or Google Play Store. The app size is 26 MB and does not occupy much space on your digital device. 

How to Register on HDFC Payzapp

HDFC Payzapp login enables users to make multiple financial transactions, such as sending or receiving money, paying bills, recharging mobile/ DTH/ Data Cards, etc. However, registering on the app is mandatory to explore its features fully. The following is the step-by-step process to register on HDFC Payzapp:

  • Step 1: Download the HDFC Bank Payzapp app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Step 2: Enter your mobile number in the provided box. The mobile number must be registered with HDFC Bank. Enter details like name, email, etc., and click on 'Get OTP.' Enter the OTP in the provided box and create a secure PIN (4-12 digits).
  • Step 3: Update your 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) to receive cashback credits on all eligible payments.
  • Step 4: Link any credit or debit card. You can link the card by entering the card details or scanning the embossed card.
  • Step 5: Register for UPI by clicking on 'Register for UPI' on the introduction screen. Then enter your name, email ID, and mobile number and click on 'Get OTP.' Enter the OTP and create a Payzapp PIN.
  • Step 6: Complete the phone and device verification process. You can then log in to your Payzapp HDFC account and enjoy seamless transactions. 

HDFC Payzapp: Terms and Conditions

Before using HDFC Payzapp to transfer money and perform a wide range of financial transactions, you must learn about its terms and conditions of it. The following are the things you must know, such as transfer limits, eligibility, duplicate accounts, etc., before hitting the HDFC Payzapp login button:

  • Transfer Limits - TechProcess Payment Services Ltd., the payment service provider of PayZapp for Business, may impose some limits to the amount users can send using the platform. The transaction limits might be daily and periodic. This is in addition to the limits set by HDFC Bank.
  • Transfers - When a user makes a transfer, the requisite amount is instantly debited from their account and transferred to a Nodal account, from where the funds get transferred to the recipient's account after receiving the clearance from bank/ card settlement networks. Payzapp initiates such transactions only after receiving an authorisation from the user. So, the user cannot cancel such transactions after providing the authorisation.
  • Refunded and Refused Transactions - While PayZapp for Business acts as an intermediary, it does not assure whether the recipient will receive the funds sent by the user. If the recipient is unwilling or unable to receive the funds, HDFC Payzapp will refund such unclaimed, refunded, or denied amount to the user's account within thirty (30) business days.
  • Transaction History - Users can check their transaction records and history by logging into their Payzapp account and visiting the 'Account History' section.
  • Duplicate Account - The app does not allow duplicate account creation due to security protocols and client identification. If TechProcess Payment Services Ltd., the payment service provider of PayZapp for Business, find any user with duplicate accounts, it may merge or close the duplicate accounts without issuing any notifications.
  • Eligibility - HDFC Payzapp for Business is available to individuals above 18 years. Moreover, the user must be the authorised user or primary cardholder of at least one eligible card issued by any scheduled commercial bank in India. Additionally, the user's card account must be in good standing.
  • Registration - TechProcess Payment Services Ltd., the payment service provider of PayZapp for Business, expects that a user will provide accurate, complete, and current information about their identity and financial information when registering. Suppose TechProcess Payment Services Ltd. finds that a user has provided untrue, incomplete, or inaccurate information during registration. In that case, it may terminate or suspend the user's account and bar them from using HDFC Payzapp in future.
  • Security - During the registration, users must provide a username and password. Besides these, users have to answer a set of security questions. The data thus entered is used to authenticate users and serve as their consent and signature for using HDFC Payzapp. As a rule of thumb, users must remember their username, password, and answers to the security questions. TechProcess Payment Services Ltd. will not be responsible for any financial losses if a user's card is used by an unauthorised person who might have the user's HDFC Payzapp login details.
  • Payment Types - Users may initiate one-time, scheduled, and recurring payments on HDFC Payzapp. If the user initiates a one-time payment, the amount will be instantly transferred to the recipient's account. Users may also initiate scheduled payments for sending money at a specified date within thirty (30) days of scheduling the payment. And if the user initiates a recurring payment, the requisite amount will be deducted from the user's account on specific dates.
  • Location Information - HDFC Payzapp requires efficient access to users' locations. Without providing location access, users cannot use the app. Also, if you withdraw the location access after initially agreeing, the Payzapp app will stop functioning.
  • Collection of Information - By opening an HDFC Payzapp account, a user provides their consent to the app to collect basic information, such as name, phone number, email address, postal address, birth date, photograph, demographic information, bank account number, payment card number, and other relevant information.

Which Services Can HDFC Payzapp Users Avail?

HDFC Payzapp users can access the complete array of banking services from HDFC Bank. However, the user must have active HDFC bank savings account to avail of these services. Payzapp users are eligible to pay, save, invest, borrow, insure, and perform many other activities. The following sections explain each service in detail:


  • Make money transfers through NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS
  • Make bill payments using phone banking and internet banking
  • Recharge mobile phones/ DTH/ Data Card
  • Pay government taxes, such as direct tax, excise duty, service tax, GST, GVAT, etc., online
  • Pay education fees
  • Make donations


  • Open savings account, Video-KYC account, current account, rural account, pension account, Public Provident Fund (PPF), and Sukanya Samridhi Account (SSA).
  • Open Regular fixed deposit, recurring deposit, 5-year tax-saving fixed deposit, and get overdraft on fixed deposit.
  • Access the Safe Deposit Locker, Dream Deposits, and enjoy High Networth Banking.


  • Open a Demat account to invest in mutual funds, apply for an IPO through ASBA, buy equities and derivatives, and invest in 8% Savings Bond and Sec 54 EC Capital Gains Bonds.


  • Apply for a home loan, personal loan, business growth loan, two-wheeler loan, car loan, consumer durable loan, educational loan, and rural loan.
  • Apply for a loan against an asset, a loan against securities, a loan against rental receivables, a gold loan, a loan against property, and an overdraft against salary.


  • Purchase life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, vehicle insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and student travel insurance.


HDFC Payzapp is a feature-rich app offering multiple benefits. Users can log in to the app to experience one-click transactions for shopping, paying bills, sending and receiving payments, and many more. The app is 100% safe since it uses a proprietary security technology that performs three security checks for every transaction. Moreover, the app is accessible on all smartphones supporting Android 5.0+ and Apple phones. So, what are you waiting for? Download Payzapp now to experience convenient, one-click digital transactions.


What is HDFC Payzapp?

HDFC Payzapp, a.k.a PayZapp for Business (™), is a mobile banking app providing a wide range of financial services for HDFC Bank customers and users. For instance, users can use the Payzapp app to make bill payments, merchant payments, and person-to-person (P2P) payments. They can also use the Payzapp UPI handle to make instant payments for hotel booking, travel tickets, and food delivery.

Which Transactions Can HDFC Payzapp Users Make?

The HDFC Payzapp login enables users to make many financial transactions, such as pay utility bills, recharge mobile phones, data cards, and DTH, place grocery orders from major grocery stores like Grofers, BigBasket, Supr Daily, etc., and order any food or dish from Swiggy, Zomato, FreshMenu, and Domino's. Users can also buy the best apparel from top brands on Myntra or make society and rent payments via reputed property broking platforms like MagicBricks and NoBroker. 

What are the Top Features of HDFC Payzapp?

HDFC Payzapp offers many intuitive features. For instance, you can avoid the hassle of loading or topping up your e-wallet by linking your credit or debit card with your Payzapp account to experience quick and convenient one-click transactions. Payzapp users also get incredible offers while making bill payments and account transfers. Users can also benefit from exclusive Prepaid card offers to get discounts on flight and bus ticket bookings, travel, and online groceries. 

How can I register for HDFC Payzapp?

You can register for HDFC Payzapp in five easy steps. First, download the Payzapp app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Second, enter your details and verify with OTP. After this, update your KYC details and link a card. As a final step, register for UPI by clicking on 'Register for UPI' on the introduction screen.

What is the eligibility of HDFC Payzapp?

HDFC Payzapp, also known as Payzapp for Business, is available for users above 18. Moreover, the user must be an authorised user or the primary cardholder of any eligible card issued by any scheduled commercial bank in India. 

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