Muhurat Trading 2023: Top 5 things to know before you trade this Diwali

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As Diwali approaches, anticipation builds for the much-awaited Muhurat Trading session—a special one-hour window considered auspicious for stock market investments. This blog will guide you through the essential aspects of Muhurat Trading 2023.

Meaning of Muhurat Trading

Muhurat Trading is a traditional one-hour stock market session held annually on Diwali. It signifies the commencement of a new Hindu calendar year, known as Samvat. Scheduled during the time of Laxmi Puja on Diwali, this special session opens exclusively for one hour, with no other trading activities throughout the day.

Significance of Muhurat Trading

This auspicious time is believed to bring prosperity and success to investors engaging in trading during this period. For beginners, Muhurat Trading offers a perfect opportunity to kick-start their investment journey on an auspicious note. Experienced traders or investors can also leverage this time to add new stocks to their portfolios. The underlying thought is to set a positive tone for the upcoming financial year on the festival of new beginnings.

Date and timing of Muhurat Trading 2023

Did you know that BSE, Asia's oldest stock exchange, initiated Diwali Muhurat trading sessions in 1957, followed by NSE in 1992? This year, the special trading session will be held on 12 November 12, between 6 pm and 7:15 pm, including a 15-minute pre-market session.

Muhurat Trading strategy

While Muhurat Trading has recorded positive returns in seven out of the last ten sessions, it's crucial to approach it with caution. Due to its short duration, it can lead to market volatility. Investors should have a well-thought-out strategy to make the most out of this session.

Muhurat Trading with Upstox

To make your Muhurat Trading even more special, Upstox has a unique offer for you. On Sunday, November 12th, 2023, Upstox is providing zero brokerage for Muhurat Trading!  So, take advantage of this golden opportunity and make your Deepawali even more auspicious!

As you prepare for Muhurat Trading 2023, keep these key points in mind to maximise the benefits of this auspicious occasion. Tread with caution, formulate a plan and if you choose Upstox, enjoy the added advantage of zero brokerage! 

May this Diwali bring prosperity and success to your investment journey!

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