Why is it Necessary to have a Pan Card to Apply IPO?

Why is it Necessary to have a Pan Card to Apply IPO?

PAN Card was introduced in India in 1972, and since then, financial transactions in India have been carried out successfully through it. It is meant to track financial transactions and prevent fraud and money laundering. PAN is also required to invest in IPO. 

About IPO

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the process by which a privately held company raises capital by selling shares to the public. IPOs are a key source of funding for companies looking to expand their operations, but they also come with a number of risks.

 For companies, an IPO can be a way to raise significant amounts of capital quickly. By selling shares to investors, companies can tap into a larger pool of funds than they could through traditional means such as bank loans. This can be especially helpful for young companies that may not yet have established credit histories.

 However, going public also entails several risks. For one thing, IPOs can be very expensive; companies often have to pay hefty fees to investment banks in order to underwrite the offering. In addition, going public means exposing your company to greater scrutiny from both investors and regulators. 

 What is PAN Card? 

 A PAN Card or Permanent Account Number is a unique ten-figure alphanumeric code. It is a document issued by the Income Tax Department of India. It serves as proof of identity for Indian citizens, especially those who pay taxes. Also, it helps in keeping track of financial transactions and can be used as a form of identification when opening a bank account or applying for a credit card. It is mandatory for all financial transactions above Rs. 50,000 and is also required for filing income tax returns. 

 Is it mandatory to have PAN Card for IPO investment?

 Investing in an initial public offering (IPO) is one of the most common investment choices for many individuals. It is not mandatory to have a PAN card for investing in IPOs. However, it is beneficial to have one as it helps speed up the process of applying and getting approved for an IPO. It becomes easier to track your investments and monitor your portfolio. It ensures that your income tax returns are filed correctly and helps track your financial transactions.

 If you don't have a PAN, you can still apply for an IPO by providing other documents, such as your passport or driver's license. However, the process may take longer and you may be asked to provide additional documentation. 

Overall, having a PAN Card is not mandatory, but it is recommended if you want to make the process of applying for an IPO simpler and faster.

Why is it necessary to have a PAN Card to apply for IPO?

PAN is an identification document that contains important information about the applicant, such as their name, date of birth, and address. This information is used to verify the applicant's identity and determine whether they are eligible to participate in the IPO. It is a vital part of applying for an IPO, as they help ensure that only eligible investors can participate. Without a Pan, it would be very difficult to verify the identity of applicants and prevent fraud. 

Therefore, all potential investors must possess a PAN Card before applying for an IPO. 

What is the process to apply for IPO through Pan Card?

It is now mandatory to have a PAN card to apply for an IPO. This was not the case earlier, but it is now essential due to recent changes in the rules. 

First, the investor must visit the website of the company that they wish to invest in and fill out the application form. Along with the form, they must also submit a copy of their PAN card. 

The next step is to pay the application fee, which one can do online or offline. 

Once the payment has been made, the investor will receive a confirmation email or SMS from the company. They will then need to take a printout of this confirmation and submit it along with their KYC documents at any of the designated collection centres. Once the KYC documents have been verified, the company will send a copy of the application to the NSDL. The investor will get an SMS or email from NSDL confirming that their application has been submitted. 

Once the application has been verified, the investor will receive a PAN card from NSDL.

How to check IPO allotment status online by PAN Number?

 The following are the steps: 

  1. Visit the website of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
  2. Click on the 'IPO Allotment Status' link under the 'Investor Services' tab.
  3. Enter your PAN number and click on ‘Submit’.
  4. Your allotment status will be displayed on the screen. 

What documents are required to apply for a PAN Card?

You will need to submit certain documents as proof of identity and address. These documents can include your passport, birth certificate, driver's license, or any government-issued photo ID. In addition, you will need to provide two recent passport-sized photographs. Once you have gathered the required documents, you can begin the online application process. 

 What is the process of applying for a PAN Card?

Visit the website of the Income Tax Department and fill out the application form. You must submit the filled form with the required documents. These include proof of identity, proof of address, and two photographs.

To apply offline, firstly, fill out form 49A, which is available on the website of the Income Tax Department or at any authorized PAN application centre. 

Secondly, submit the duly filled form along with two photographs, proof of identity and proof of address to the concerned authority.

After the application is received, it will be processed, and a PAN card will be sent to the applicant's registered address by post. 

What is the process of changing the name and date of birth on PAN Card?

First, the individual must provide proof of their identity by submitting a copy of their passport, birth certificate, or other government-issued ID. 

Next, they must provide proof of their current address, such as a utility bill or bank statement. 

Finally, they must submit a completed application form with the required fee. Once the application is processed, the individual will receive their new PAN with the updated information. 

 Can a minor apply for a Pan Card? If yes, what documents are required by a minor to apply for a Pan Card? 

A minor can apply for a PAN Card but will need the following documents: 

-A copy of the minor's birth certificate

-A copy of the parent or guardian's ID (PAN Card, Passport, Driver's License, etc.) 

-A copy of the parent or guardian's latest income tax return 

Is PAN Number required for NRIs to invest in IPO? If not, what are the alternate requirements? 

Although a Permanent Account Number (PAN) is not required for a non-resident Indian (NRI) to apply for an initial public offering (IPO), other requirements must be met. NRIs must have a valid passport and an Indian bank account that is linked to their NRE or NRO account. In addition, NRIs must submit proof of residency, such as a utility bill, lease agreement, or bank statement. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that the NRI is who they say they are and that the funds used to purchase IPO shares come from a legitimate source. 

Can an NRI apply for PAN Card in India? 

An NRI can apply for a PAN Card in India. The NRI must meet a few processes and requirements to do so. 

First, the NRI must have a current passport that is valid and has been issued within the last ten years by the Government of India. The NRI must also have two photographs taken within the previous six months that meet the requirements set by the Government of India. 

The next step is to complete an application form which can be done online or through a paper copy. The form will ask for personal information such as name, address, date of birth, and contact information. The applicant will also need to provide proof of identity and proof of address. 

After the form is completed, it must be submitted along with the required documents to an authorized PAN centre. 

What can be done in case the PAN Card is lost?

You can apply for a duplicate one by filling out Form 49A and submitting it to the Income Tax Department. You will need to provide proof of your identity, such as a copy of your passport or driver's license and proof of your current address. Once your application is approved, you will receive a new PAN in the mail within a few weeks. 

 Why is PAN Card necessary for a Company? 

It helps the government keeps track of how much tax each company owes. When a company applies for an IPO, the government uses the information on the company's PAN card to calculate how much tax the company will owe on the profits from the IPO. All companies must have a PAN card to apply for an IPO, and all companies must quote their PAN number on all tax returns. By quoting their PAN number on tax returns, companies make it easier for the government to track their taxes and ensure that they pay their fair share.  

How long is a PAN Number valid? 

PAN is valid for the holder's lifetime, and there is no need to renew them. A company PAN Number is valid throughout the company's existence, and it does not change even though the company is shifted to a different location. 

However, if an individual changes their name or address, they must inform the Income Tax Department so that their PAN can be updated.


In conclusion, the article clearly explains the necessity of a PAN Card in India, especially its importance if you are planning to invest in an IPO. It is a must in cases of finance and transaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Is it necessary to possess a PAN Card to open a Trading or Demat Account? 

A PAN card is linked to an individual's bank account and Demat account, and all transactions are routed through these accounts. It helps the government keep track of an individual's income and taxes paid. The PAN number is also helpful in case of any disputes or fraud. 

Q. I have two PAN  Cards?

A single PAN Card is sufficient. You do not require multiple Pan.

Q. What is the cost required to get a PAN Card?

The government charges a fee of Rs 1011, including the application fee and dispatch charges. The charge for applying for PAN online is Rs 93 for Indians, excluding goods and service tax. 

Q. How long will it take to get a PAN Card?

 The Income Tax Department usually takes around 15 days to deliver the PAN. 

Q. Can I print my duplicate Pan Card at home using PAN Number?

No. If you lost the PAN, apply for an online duplicate one.

Q. How many Demat Accounts can a person open with one PAN Card? 

As per SEBI, Indians can open multiple Demat Accounts but must be linked with PAN Card.