NEFT Holidays 2022

Just to simply  know about a forthcoming event, gives us a sense of control, sense of preparedness to deal with the event as and when it occurs and some peace of mind,  isn't it?.

Be it your weekly weather forecast report or monthly sales target or festival holidays or your bank holiday list, knowing the details in advance gives you 'inner peace'.

In the context of banking, even though we are in era of digital banking which allows every time, everywhere banking wherein customers can avail services 24*7*365 with just a click, knowing that your bank branch would remain closed on certain days is helpful, is useful to us.

Let us take a look at the NEFT holiday list, as a precursor to that, let us understand the concept of the  digital banking transaction/payment  channel, NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer). 

Introduced in November 2005 by the RBI, NEFT  allows retail customers across India to transfer funds electronically from one NEFT bank branch enabled account to either the same or any other bank within India. The NEFT service is available 24x7 ( with effect from Dec 16, 2019 as per RBI guidelines).

There is no need to visit the bank branch as 

NEFT transfers are made through  digital channels (net banking and mobile banking) everytime, everywhere, everyone.

Besides, the NEFT facility can also be availed for making credit card payments and for  payment of loan EMI.

NEFT holiday list for 2022*

The RBI publishes the annual NEFT holiday list of the current year on the last day of the previous year. 

The holiday list for calendar year 2022 is as follows.

  • Republic Day - 26th January
  • Bank’s Annual Closing- 1st April
  • Good Friday- 15th April
  • Ramadan Eid- 3rd May
  • Independence Day- 15th August
  • Gandhi Jayanti- 2nd October
  • Christmas Day- 25th December

*The dates are subject to change each year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What happens to an NEFT transaction  executed on say a holiday or Sunday?

It is important to note that all NEFT transactions executed on NEFT declared holidays or Sundays or 2nd, 4th Saturday   would be debited from the sender's  account on the same day, however, will only be credited to the beneficiary’s account on the next working day.

Q. What are the NEFT fund transfer timings?

As per the RBI's guidelines, NEFT transactions can be executed  24*7 ( with effect from 2020). 

Q. What are NEFT transaction charges?

In case of  NEFT payment via digital channels, there are  no charges applicable.

However, if the NEFT payment is carried out from any of the bank branches, then depending upon the amount transferred, transaction charges along with GST are applicable.

For example:

  • NEFT transfer upto ₹10,000, the transaction charge is ₹2.25 + Applicable GST.
  • For  fund transfers above  ₹10,000 and upto ₹1 lakh, the transaction charge is pegged at ₹4.75 + Applicable GST.
  • Above ₹1 lakh and upto ₹2 lakh, the fee is ₹14.75 + Applicable GST
  • Above ₹2 lakh and upto ₹10 lakh, the fee is ₹24.75 + Applicable GST

Q. What are the transaction limits for NEFT?

The RBI has not prescribed any minimum or maximum limit for  transfer funds from one bank account to another via NEFT.

A customer can even transfer ₹1/- amount to the beneficiary.

However, individual banks have set their daily maximum threshold limits.

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