Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Toll-Free Numbers for Indian Bank Checks

Indian Bank Balance Check Number (Toll-free) 1800 4250 0000
SMS Banking 94443-94443
Missed call 8108781085

It's crucial to keep an eye on your bank balance because it helps you track your expenses and the effectiveness of your financial planning. Furthermore, by monitoring the bank balance, you can keep track of all transactions and spot any irregularities or frauds.

If you have an account in Indian Bank and wish to check your bank balance, there are myriad ways. This article discusses Indian Bank and how you can check your balance. 

Indian Bank- Everything You Need To Know 

Indian Bank, which has a substantial presence both inside and outside of India, provides a wide range of services to its millions of customers, including SMS banking, Online banking, app support, and much more. There are various ways you can check the balance in your bank account, including missed calls, SMS banking, apps, online portals or internet banking, toll-free numbers, and ATMs. Indian Bank and Allahabad Bank amalgamated in 2020, and customers of both banks can check their balances using the same procedures.

Customers with Current or Savings Accounts can instantly check their available balance. The Indian Bank offers several options for finding an account's available credit. Indian bank balance inquiries can be made using the methods given, both online and offline. Let's take a look at the various ways in detail:

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Number By Missed Call

The quickest way to check an Indian bank balance query is through Missed Call Banking. When checking your balance, call the Indian Bank balance missed call number- 91 92895 92895. The steps to check your balance are as follows:

  1. The first step is to register the customer's number with Indian Bank.
  2. After that, the customer must call Indian Bank at +91 92895 92895.
  3. The bank will automate an SMS to the client's registered cellphone number advising him or her of the account's balance as soon as the client places the missed call.

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Via SMS

To inquire about your account balance and other necessary details like transaction records, you can use the Indian Bank SMS service. Follow these procedures to receive SMS notifications about your Indian Bank account balance:

  • Once registration is complete, you will receive a message informing you that it was successful. The Indian Bank now allows you to send and receive SMS messages.
  • Text BALAVL to the number 94443-94443 from your registered mobile phone to check your balance.

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Using The Toll-Free Number

If you are wondering how to check the balance of an Indian bank account using a toll-free number, it's easy! You need to call the toll-free number- 180042500000 to find your account balance. Dial 1800 4250 0000, select a language, and then follow the directions to check the amount of money available.

If you are unhappy with the IVR alternatives, you can connect directly to the bank branch manager to discuss banking details after the bank servers have been checked and have stated the balance data on the call.

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Through e-Statement

An e-Statement is an electronic version of a bank statement that shows all the transactions in your bank account for a particular period. You can view and download your e-Statement through your online banking account or the mobile banking app of your bank.

Visit to get started. Next, input your verification code and Indian Bank Bank account number to access Indian Bank E-statement.

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Through Net Banking 

  • By signing in at, customers can view the balance of their Indian Bank accounts.
  • Customers must then choose the "Net Banking" option and enter the username and password.
  • After logging in, you may now see your account balance on the net banking screen.

A net banking tool allows you to acquire your bank statement, access past transactions, and more.

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry With Indmobile Mobile App

You can utilize UPI and mobile banking applications from Indian Bank to check account balances. You can also download IndOASIS - Indian Bank Mobile Banking and Indpay. The customer will receive the link to download the application when you text "IndMobile" to the mobile banking service number- 9444394443 from your phone.

Steps to check your balance using the Ind Mobile App

  1. Use your MPIN or biometrics to log into the IndPay App.
  2. Enter your debit card's details to confirm your account.
  3. You can set up your TPIN for transactions and your MPIN for authentication.

The app offers various banking services, like checking your Indian Bank balance, obtaining a mini statement, sending money, and more. Furthermore, businesses or merchants can use the Indian Bank Corporate Merchant App to get all services online. By using this app, companies and retailers with accounts with Indian Bank can monitor their bank balances.

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Using UPI

If you are an account holder in an Indian Bank, you can check your balance using any UPI app.

However, to check your bank balance using UPI (Unified Payments Interface), you must have a UPI-enabled bank account and a UPI app installed on your smartphone. Here's how to check your bank balance using UPI:

  1. Open the UPI app on your smartphone.
  2. Sign in to your account using your UPI PIN or biometric authentication.
  3. Once you are signed in, you will see a dashboard with various options. Tap on the "Bank balance" or "Account Balance" option.
  4. The app will show you the current balance in your bank account.

If you do not have a UPI-enabled bank account or a UPI app, you can still check your bank balance by contacting your bank or visiting a bank branch in person. You can also check your bank balance by logging into your online banking account or using an ATM.

Indian Bank Balance Enquiry using Passbook 

The account's Passbook keeps a complete record of all transactions. It is often updated at neighbouring branches to reflect the account's most recently available balance. 

Indian bank balance enquiry using an ATM

By going to a nearby ATM, users can quickly check the balance of their accounts. Users will have to follow the instructions listed below to easily check their balance:

  1. Put your ATM or debit card from an Indian bank into the ATM slot.
  2. For the Indian Bank ATM, enter the four-digit PIN.
  3. 'Balance Enquiry' should be selected from the drop-down menu.
  4. Your Indian Bank account's balance and a slip serving as identification will be shown at the ATM.

Bottom Line

These days, checking your bank balance is simple. Most of the methods listed above can be used to check your balance if you hold an Indian Bank account and your mobile number is registered with the bank. However, if not, you can go to the nearest branch and complete this task if you haven't already registered your mobile phone with the bank.

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