Logging on to NEST Trader


After you have installed NEST, let's go through the steps of logging into the trading terminal


  1. Find the NEST Launcher button on your Desktop.
  2. Double click the icon and you should see this screen
  3. Click on the "Load From" box and select either INI file
  4. You should get an INI loaded successfully message
  5. Click on Launch Nest Trader
  6. NEST trader should open successfully. Type in your User ID (six digit UCC ID) and click on Go
  7. Type in your password, tick the checkbox next to the image, and press Login
  8. You will be prompted with a security question that was preset (called 2FA - 2 Factor Authentication). Type your answers and press Login.
  9. The login process will start. Please note that this can take a several minutes if this is your first time running the process or if it's the beginning of a month.
  10. You will get a pop up saying User logged in successfully once the login process is complete!
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