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What are close-ended mutual funds? How can I invest in one?

Close-ended mutual funds scheme is when a mutual fund raises a certain amount of money, a.k.a. capital for a publicly traded company or IPO.

Close-ended mutual funds specialise in a particular sector, location or type of industry. These types of mutual funds are not as diversified as the mutual funds in open-ended schemes.

How to use Upstox MF platform for investing in close-ended mutual funds?

In order to choose from those close-ended mutual funds out of the more than 2,000 mutual funds available on Upstox Mutual Funds platform, make sure you open an Upstox demat account.

Visit the Upstox MF platform under the Support tab on Upstox homepage. Then, you can browse through all the funds. You can use the search bar and filter options to refine your search. As an investor, you can study all the close-ended scheme funds. Identify your financial aims and then click buy!

To start investing using Upstox Mutual Funds platform, open a demat account  with Upstox. If you already have an account, you can just login with your Upstox User ID and Password and begin investing.