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Cipla Limited focuses on the development of new formulations and has a wide range of pharmaceutical products. They offer prescription drugs, bulk drugs, animal products, pesticides, a wide range of food and beverages, baked foods, oral hygiene products, detergents, room fresheners, and personal care products. The company offers drugs used for the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer's, arthritis, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular diesases, and drugs that prevents transmission of AIDS from a mother to a child. They also provide consulting services on the preparation of products and materials, conduct plant evaluation and supplies plant equipments. They have recently launched a number of products. These includes the oral emergency contraceptive pill under the brand name i-pill; a breakthrough screening technology in India called the ‘No Touch Breast Scan (NTBS): the first-ever painless non-invasive and radiation-free breast scanning technique for detecting breast cancer at an early stage, and a generic version of anti-flu drugs: oseltamivir and zanamivir in the local market to treat the H1N1 influenza.

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