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Pfizer Limited came to India through a company named Dumex. Their first production unit was set up at Darukhanna in Mumbai. They manufactured products like Protinex, Isonex, Becosules and Corex. Pfizer manufactures prescription drugs such as Viagra, Lyrica, Dolonex Gel, Ponstan, Citralka Liquid, and many more. It produces over the counter formulations and drugs such as Benadryl Cough, Coolmint Listerine Mouthwash, Rashfree Caladryl, Sloans Balm, etc. It also manufactures products for animal care namely Amoxisol, Vanguard 5/L, Stafac, Furea Qualidrops, Catosal, Bayrocin, Nutrimilk, etc.

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