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TTK Prestige Limited is the leading manufacturer of pressure cookers in India and offers the most comprehensive range of kitchenware in the world. One of the greatest recent achievements for Prestige is their entry into the non-south market. Having done their research, Prestige introduced an innovative cooker like the colourful Pressure Handis that complement their style of cooking. The product range of the company includes Pressure Cookers like Deluxe, Popular, Money Saver and Nakshatra; Pressure Handis like Deluxe, Nakshatra and Baby Handi. The also offer Pressure Kadais in the Non-Stick Cookware, Omega Select, Omega Die-Cast and Omega Deluxe ranges. Their Electric Appliances are has Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Rice Cookers, Champion Food Processors(M), Oven Toasters, Grillers, Irons, Dry Irons, Steam Irons, Kettles, Sandwich Toaster, Pop-up Toaster, Hand Blender, Wet Grinder, etc. They provides Gas and Glass Tops as well, like Conventional Royale Glass Tops, Microwaves Hoods and Hobs Kitchen Accessories, Knife Sets, Kitchen Tools and Barbeques.

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