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Swiss Glascoat Equipment Limited is a company engaged in the manufacture of glass lined equipment and spares. The Glascoat product range consists of both ready-made (for standard requirement) and custom-built (for unique requirement) equipment and accessories of a versatile nature. The product range of the company includes Glass Lined Reactor like AE Type, CE Type Agitation, Stainless Steel GLRs and GMP Model Reactors. They offer storage tanks, both vertical type and horizontal type; condensers of shell type and plate type; columns and rotary vacuum dryers with agitated nutche filters. They also have other products like Glass Lined Flush Bottom Outlet Valve; Bellows with Sealed Valve, Glass Lined Diaphragm Valve, GL Pipes and Fittings, Flanged Pipe, Flanged Elbows 45, Flanged Elbows 90, Flanged Crosses, Flanged T- Pieces, Flanged Crosses with reduced connection, Flanged T- Pieces with reduced connection, Reducing Flanges and Reducers.

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