Company Profile

Elgi Equipment Limited is engaged in the manufacturing of air compressors and automobile service station equipment. The products manufactured by the company have wide applications in the area of mining, pharmaceuticals, ship building, power, oil, chemicals, textiles, printing paper, transport, electronics, telecommunications, defence, medical, railways, food and beverages and plastics. The product range of the company includes Rotary Screw Air Compressors. Under this, the company designs and manufactures electric and diesel-powered screw air compressors. Their range of products in this category include electric powered screw air compressors, air ends oil-free screw air compressor, centrifugal air compressor and portable screw air compressor. The company has also manufactured the world’s smallest screw air compressor known as ELGI Micro Rotary. In their Reciprocating Air Compressors range, they manufacture a range of compressors namely horizon series reciprocating air compressors, borewell compressors, ELGIPET air power systems, high pressure/volume reciprocating air compressors, high volume tank mounted compressors, tractor mounted air compressors, high pressure reciprocating air compressor and bare compressor pumps. Under their Automotive Equipment range, the company manufactures equipment for two three and four-wheelers that provides a total service station solutions.

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